Should Athletes Get More Involved In The Obesity Epidemic?

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IOctober 20, 2008

With the United States continual increase in obesity rates that has already become a national crisis. Is it time for professional sports teams to get involved with the community about this crisis. What I mean is it time during the offseason for these athletes to come in to schools? Is it time for these leagues to start donating money for sports programs for schools? The answer is clearly yes because nothing else is being done.


I was born in California and before I moved up to Oregon everyday we had P.E. in middle school. Each day it required a different amount of running and on Friday if you ran a certain amount of laps and depending on when you finished you could chose what you wanted to do after you ran such as play basketball, kickball, etc......When I got to Oregon there was P.E. but it wasn't everyday and it also was an elective that you took one semester and the next semester it was health. So all the exercise you could get was during recess which depending on the person could be a lot and for others none whatsoever.

I do know each state has a different set of standards but it would be better for every state to have the same standards and requirements for P.E.  Now we have schools even at recess that are starting to discourage running. For example in Colorado Springs, Coloado elementary school tag was banned because  because it may force someone to actually get off their butts and run, but instead the school felt like it was pressuring someone who didn't want to play.

Another example is in Lake Oswego, OR at an elementary school they banned flag football at recess due to an unfortunate accident. It just happened this week in fact where a football was thrown and it hit an 11 year old in the chest and it actually killed the 11 year old. He died from blunt force trauma to his chest because it had stopped his heart.

So, it seems with those two examples and I'm sure the list could go on and on that schools would much rather put students in a bubble then actually have them exercise. We wonder why the United States has the obesity problem your answer is right there.

Lastly there are school districts that just can't afford to have sports offered. There's other schools where they offer the sports, but the lower income families just can't afford it either. I know the NFL supports the United Way that's all well and good being able to donate to a charity, but how about some schools to get equipment and for the schools that aren't offering sports being able to offer them.

Too me there's nothing hotter then seeing a woman who's athletic. The opposite of that is there's nothing more gross then a woman who's got bulges of fat around her ankles and her arms. I'm sure for the ladies they feel the same way.

I'm not saying that someone with a little meat on their bones isn't attractive, what I'm saying is that there are too many children that I've seen recently that need the exercise and right diet. Who better to do it then athletes that these students admire? You know it's sad when you see a 10 year old who weighs more then 200 pounds.

So, to me it's time for professional athletes from all leagues, whethere's it's the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, WNBA, ATP, PGA, LPGA, etc.......It's time for these leagues to start educating children about the importance of exercising and of course these athletes also have knowledge of proper diet as well. It's obvious something needs to be done for students because they're definitely not getting it from their parents or from schools either.

I mean there's athletes who come and read to youngsters. Why not help them stay healthy? Also, the parents who maybe obese as well may get more motivated if they knew that a professional athlete is helping out by educating their child about staying in shape and the importance of exercise and diet.