The Green Bay Packers' 2008 Outlook Heading Into Their Bye

Mike CraigCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

At the end of last season, if somebody told you that Aaron Rodgers was going to be the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre was going to play for the Jets, and Ryan Grant wasn't going to have his first 100-yard-rushing game until Week Seven against none other than the Indianapolis Colts, you would have told them that they were insane.

At the end of last season, if somebody told you that Green Bay was going to be 4-3 heading into their bye, you also would told them they were insane. Last but not least, if somebody told you at the beginning of this season the Aaron-Rodgers-led Packers would beat the Indianapolis Colts 34-14, you would also tell them they were insane.

Well, I guess as a Packer's fan, you have to take the bad with the good. 4-3 heading into the bye is not exactly where a team that lost in the NFC Championship last season wants to be.

Aaron Rodgers has been nothing but phenomenal this season, completing 145 out of 221 for 1,668 yards, 12 touchdowns, and only four interceptions. Right now, he has a 98.8 passer rating. It seems to be that No. 4 is nothing but a mere ghost of Lambeau now.

Ryan Grant is not the Ryan Grant we all have seen of last season. However, in his last game before the bye, he ran for 105 yards (his first 100-yard game) and got his first touchdown of the season. Now he has the bye week to rest his body and get back into tip-top shape. Expect to see Mr. Grant have even more 100-yard-rushing games.

Greg Jennings still leads the league in receiving yards heading into their bye. Of course, he won't after Week Eight, being that he is only 30-50 yards ahead now. However, he has become the star receiver for the Green Bay Packers. Mix him in with Donald Driver, James Jones, and even rookie Jordy Nelson, and Aaron Rodgers has an amazing receiving corps to throw to.

Heading into the bye, the defense is ranked 15th in all of the NFL. That is one place above the half mark. This is the same defense that has the most interceptions in the 2008 season, two of which have been returned by Charles Woodson, and two have been returned by Nick Collins. This is, of course, forgetting to mention Aaron Rouse's 99-yard-interception touchdown.


The rest of their schedule

November 2nd - @ Tennessee Titans (6-0)
November 9th - @ Minnesota Vikings (3-4)
November 16th - vs. Chicago Bears (4-3)
November 24th - @ New Orleans Saints (3-4)
November 30th - vs. Carolina Panthers (5-2)
December 7th - vs. Houston Texans (2-4)
December 14th - @ Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)
December 22nd - @ Chicago Bears (4-3)
December 28th - vs. Detroit Lions (0-6)

Predicted record at the end of the regular season: 10-6