Kim Kardashian Engaged: 10 People We Guarantee Won't Make Wedding List

Ethan NorofCorrespondent IMay 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian Engaged: 10 People We Guarantee Won't Make Wedding List

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    Kim Kardashian is engaged and already making wedding plans.

    After Kris Humphries surprised her by popping the question after dating only six months, the most notable of the Kardashian ladies happily said yes and finally has the chance to plan the wedding of her dreams.

    It should be fun to see which celebrities and Hollywood glitterati make the invitation list, but we know 10 people who shouldn't count on receiving anything in the mail. 

10. O.J. Simpson

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    While this might sound a little obvious to some, it's worth nothing "The Juice" isn't likely to reappear in the Kardashian's life anytime soon.

    After Robert Kardashian defended Simpson during his infamous trial, the family and the former standout football player parted ways forever. 

9. Paris Hilton

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    Can you believe these two Hollywood hotties used to be BFFs?

    After slamming Kardashian by essentially calling Kim a carbon copy of herself, Hilton attempted to apologize earlier this year, but her former friend reportedly didn't seem all that interested in kissing and making up. 

8. Vanessa Bryant

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    There's been some pretty rampant debate as to what exactly happened with the Lakers in their surprising early exit, and some have indicated Vanessa Bryant was causing a stir in the locker room.

    She allegedly had a pretty heavy tiff brewing with Khloe Kardashian, and that type of division on the same team earns her a one-way ticket to the forefront of the list.  

7. Jenni Farley

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    When Kardashian was ready to launch her new fashion line in New York City, her show was reportedly put on hold when "JWoww" entered the audience.

    Rather than paying attention to the show at hand, the media all flocked to the Jersey Shore superstar in an attempt to find out the show's latest drama.

    Kim will certainly remember that.  

6. Damon Thomas

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    When someone gets married for a second time, it's highly unlikely their first spouse is going to make the attendance list at the wedding.

    If Humphries looked out at the crowd and saw Kim's ex-husband there, I'm pretty certain he'd be having second thoughts about his wife.  

5. Sonja Norwood

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    Sonja Norwood, better known as the mother of Brandy and Ray-J, had a beef with Kardashian when she accused Kim of running up more than $120,000 in unauthorized purchases on her credit card.

    She also blames Kardashian for the release of the sex tape featuring her son, so you can bet she won't even be a blip on the radar screen of invitees to this event. 

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    When Kardashian and Ronaldo began to get a little hot 'n' heavy, many were already clamoring for wedding bells and the most attractive children among a bunch of celebrity couples.

    Unfortunately for the couple's fans, the two didn't stay together, and her new man isn't going to want the famous footballer anywhere near the reception.   

3. Miles Austin

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    When Miles Austin broke onto the scene as a legitimate star wide receiver in the NFL, he was the flavor of the month on Kim's arm.

    Fortunately for Humphries, the romance didn't take long to fizzle between Austin and Kardashian, and he got the chance to swoop in and snatch her off the market. 

2. Ray J

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    Ray J certainly won't be getting an invite to Kim's big day.

    After the infamous sex tape that leaked on the Internet featuring the two together, it's unlikely Humphries is going to want this ex anywhere near her on his big day.

1. Reggie Bush

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    After Kim's sister Khloe got engaged to Lakers' forward Lamar Odom after just one month of dating, Kim was a bit perturbed Reggie had yet to pop the question.

    It's a good thing he didn't because the two wound up apart from one another, but he's not going to be a welcome face at Kim's wedding now she's finally tying the knot.