WWE's Kharma (Kia Stevens/Awesome Kong): Reportedly Pregnant

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IMay 25, 2011

Last Monday on RAW, Kharma interrupted an impromptu eight-woman Divas Match. The fans were excited, drooling at the thoughts of complete annihilation of the "plastic" divas (Kelly Kelly, Layla, Eve) and a showdown with the "powerful" divas (Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix).

There were chants for both Kim and Kharma, as the artist formerly known as Awesome Kong made her way to the ring. She entered and stood in the middle, surrounded by all the other competitors.

She dropped to her knees and started...crying? 

Yes, the woman that WWE have been building up as unstoppable was crying, although you probably knew that anyway. It was a big story all around various wrestling sites with many people complaining of yet another TNA burial.

Then, some other people piped up and said that maybe the crying was a shoot, maybe she wasn't meant to break down? I feel that this is not true, at least not any more.

According to the dirtsheets, Kharma's fallen pregnant and to prevent any damage to the baby, she's being written off TV for the time being. It's well known by now that Kharma's sidelined for nine months, but nobody knew why she is off for that long. This goes hand-in-hand with the pregnancy rumor.

While it hasn't been confirmed by anybody closely linked with Kharma, it's by far the most believable theory. Until another one comes around, I'm sticking with this as all the pieces fall perfectly in place.

Now all we need to know is how the crying will be explained next RAW.