Why The Celtics Will Win #18 This Year!

Ryan KContributor IOctober 20, 2008

Two seasons ago the Celtics were on the worst teams in the NBA, and things were not looking up as they did not receive one of the top draft picks before the 2007-2008 season. But as we all know Danny Ainge pulled some strings, landed Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and a few other key players, and the Celtics will now be raising Banner 17 next week.

With the big three still intact as long with most of the team that was there last June, the Celtics are still just as likely to win number 18 this year. The biggest player to leave the Celtics this off season was James Posey who came up big late in the playoffs.

This team could be even more dominant then last year, especially when the playoffs start in April. They Celtics went 53-13 in the regular season which was the best in the Eastern Conference.

Then when the Playoffs started they struggled. They played great at home but could not win on the road, and had to beat the Atlanta Hawks in seven games, before having to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in seven games as well all because they were unable to win in either Atlanta and Cleveland.

Then Something clicked and they were able to win in Detroit, and beat the Pistons in six games to adavnce to the finals.

This year the "Big Three" along with the rest of the Celtics now have actual playoff experience and success, and when they do makethe playoffs this season they shouldn't have a problem winning on the road, and should be even more dominant on their way to banner number 18!