WWE: What Was the Reason for the Vince McMahon/RandySavage Rivalry?

Joe M.Correspondent IMay 24, 2011

It's no secret that Vince McMahon had his differences with Randy Savage, but what actually happened between the two of them is something that has remained somewhat of a mystery for years and years.

With Savage's recent passing, a few new renditions of the story have surfaced.

There are three prominent stories out there, one of them may be true, or maybe they are all extremely far from the truth.

The first story is just a rumor, one that sounds so embellished and soap opera-esque that I personally don't believe it.  The rumor is that Savage had relations with a young Stephanie McMahon, which obviously got under the skin of Vince.  It would be difficult to get more personal than this, and it was, and still remains to be, the longest standing grudge in wrestling, but bear in mind this is just a rumor.

The second version surfaced recently.  Just after Savage's death, WWE Legend Roddy Piper took to Twitter and explained it in 140 characters or less.  The story here is that Savage slapped Vince, and that was that.  Getting physical can certainly make some enemies, but would a slap really be enough to start a rivalry of this magnitude?

The last version of the story is the most credible and probably closest to the truth.  It is simply that Savage "betrayed" McMahon by leaving for WCW.  The story, recently told by George Steele, but over the years also told by various other wrestlers, says that Savage was extremely close to Vince (Steele even said "like a son") and that he left for WCW without even calling McMahon. 

Steele said that Vince was crushed after that and from then on, Savage was blacklisted by McMahon.

We'll probably never know what actually happened between Vince and Savage, or if any of these stories are even remotely close to what went down between the two. 

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