The Red Sox Aren't a Dynasty!

Erik DianaCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2016

One of the most relieving things about the Red Sox not beating the Tampa Bay Rays is that the Yankees are still safe and secure as having the last dynasty in Major League Baseball (for now anyways!)

Yankees fans haven't been able to stick it to Red Sox fans since 2006 (Boston Massacre Part II.) And the Yankees had a terrible flameout to the Tigers after Curtis Granderson ripped the Yankees' hearts out with a triple off of Mussina in Game 2. So there wasn't much satisfaction after that ALDS loss, especially with the unnecessary drama that surrounded Joe Torre.

Are the Red Sox a better organization with a better G.M. and ownership than the Yankees currently? Yes, yes they are! Are the Red Sox in better position to win a World Series than the Yankees next year? As of right now: yes! Are they a dynasty? No!

But Yankees fans take solace. Boston cannot be considered a dynasty for now. Here's why:

First of all, to be a dynasty you need to at least win 2 World Series in a row. The Yankees of the late 90's won 3 in a row. The Yankees in the 30's won every World Series from 1936-1939 and another one 1941. The Yankees of the late 40's and early 50's won the World Series from 1949-1953. And they won 4 from 1996-2000.

The Red Sox got swept out of the chance to repeat as World Series champs by the Chicago White Sox in 2005. They lost to an upcoming Rays team in 2008. Boston shouldn't even be considered for the dynasty talk until they win two in a row.

Now, in the era of free agency and revenue sharing, to win two World Series in a row is an accomplishment.

Even Don Zimmer has said that you will never see a team win 3 World Series in a row. (And let's not forget that the Yankees were 3 outs away from having 4 World Series in a row in 2001.) Zimmer is right; you may never see that again!

Secondly, the reason the Boston Red Sox can't be considered a dynasty is because if it weren't for the wildcard they never would have been in the playoffs from 1996-2006 in the first place. The Yankees won all but one of those division titles. The only one they didn't win was 1997, when Baltimore won the A.L. East that year.

That's right! No division titles in that span. They've won one division title, 2007, since 1995. I know the wildcard is good for baseball; but how can you be a dynasty if you don't win your division? You can't!

I know Boston has been the hardest team to put away in a playoff series in the last 5 years, but let's not forget they've now lost Game 7 of the ALCS twice in the last 6 years. If they had won those games, then maybe it would be easier to consider them a dynasty.

Also, adding to the pain of these losses is the fact that they've blown leads, twice! First time it was Pedro Martinez and the second time it was John Lester that coughed up the lead. Granted, it was only a 1-run lead in 2008, but a lead is a lead, especially in game 7.

Great dynastic teams know how to suffocate their opponents! Two blown leads in Game 7 of the ALCS should disqualify them from dynasty talk! Remember, it was Mariano Rivera that was on the mound for the last out of the 1998-2000 World Series.

It was also Rivera that threw 3 scoreless innings in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. (The Yankees never had a lead in that game until Boone ended Boston's season.)

Even if they had won the pennant and lost in the World Series it would be a lot easier to justify Boston as a dynasty. That would mean 4 pennants for Boston in the last 6 years. But 3 pennants in the last 22 years isn't special. The Yankees have 6 since 1996.

Also, dynastic teams don't miss the playoffs in baseball! Atlanta has one fewer World Series title than Boston does since the 90's and no one considers them a dynasty even though they won their division 14 times in a row. Think about it: 14 times in a row; that's insane!

The Red Sox missed the playoffs in 2006. You also may remember the Yankees coming and winning 5 straight games in Fenway of August of 2006 to turn a 1.5 game lead into an insurmountable deficit.

Another check going against Boston being a dynasty is the fact that no one has ever thought of them as the best team ever, or even put them in the conversation. The Yankees have three teams that could qualify for this distinction (1927, 1939 and 1998.) The A's have team and Reds have a team in this discussion.

Nobody will put the 2004 or 2007 Red Sox teams as one of the best ever!

It certainly seems distant, but the Yankees teams from 1996-2001 are truly baseball's last dynasty. It ended on a warm night in Arizona. It ended in arguably the greatest World Series ever played.

But it may be years before we see another dynasty that won the way the Yankees did 10 years ago!


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