WWE: Kharma's Character Is Fine, so Why Aren't We?

Mr. Ashley MorrisAnalyst IMay 24, 2011

WWE Universe: Meet Kharma.  Clean shorts for those who've soiled themselves are available on WWEShop.com (photo:Chutkulesms.com)
WWE Universe: Meet Kharma. Clean shorts for those who've soiled themselves are available on WWEShop.com (photo:Chutkulesms.com)

Last night, the Internet Wrestling Community exclaimed a collective “double yew-tee-eff” after witnessing the latest development in the evolution of Kharma, the newest and most intimidating WWE Diva since Bull Nakano.

It was during an eight Diva tag team match that Kharma made her appearance, lumbering towards the mat while showing no signs of intimidation by the women in the ring.

Kharma hesitated slightly before entering the ring, but showed resolve when stepping through the ropes and walking to the center of the squared circle.

She looked around her at the surrounding Divas: Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, The Bella Twins, Melina, Maryse, Eve Torres, and Gail Kim.

Kharma grinned and licked her chops, seemingly prepared for a vicious battle.

Fans were ready to witness Kharma destroy every single woman in the ring by herself.  We salivated at the thought of her dismantling the division all by her lonesome.  After weeks of watching her level Divas with her signature maneuver, the Implant Buster, we knew Kharma was going to wreck shop last night.

And in the blink of an eye, the unimaginable happened.

Kharma fell to her knees and wept. After a few moments, the segment ended with a commercial break.

Words cannot describe the levels of anger expressed by fans via Twitter after witnessing the Vince Russo-esque story line swerve involving Kharma.

The monster who had been assaulting the Divas for weeks, destroying them physically and psychologically, was kneeling in the middle of the ring sobbing like a little school girl.

Wait a second; is it possible that someone on the WWE’s Creative team got the bright idea to introduce a character into the Divas division that has some depth?

Could it be that the suits in Triple H’s talent development department were forced allowed to flex their creative muscles to create a character that really resonated with fans—female fans in particular— especially in light of the anti-bullying campaign?

Nah, that couldn’t possibly be it. They screwed Kharma over and that’s the end of her push.

This is where our shortsightedness as fans serves as a hindrance to the growth and profitability of the product.

Much like the gang of spindly, pencil-necked teenage boys finding dad’s issues of Playboy and Hustler under the bed, a particular image of Kharma was given to us and we crafted an idea about her based off of what we saw. We then used that image to pleasure ourselves accordingly, our blood lust growing each and every time we saw her enter the ring to dismantle a Diva.

Unfortunately, that image of Kharma was not the full extent of her character. As we saw last night, there’s more to this Diva than the beast image we created for her. Her crying and quivering in the ring revealed another side of her that we didn’t think existed.

Not only did this development anger us, but it should have intrigued us and caused us to question, "What's next?" 

Let me go back to my analogy to explain it a little better: when our pencil-necked geeks find dad’s magazines, they created an image of sexuality based off of the pictures and began to enjoy them according to that particular image. 

I propose the same has happened with our idea of who Kharma is “supposed” to be as opposed to whom she is showing herself to be.  The WWE Creative team didn’t kill her push, screw her over, or let the fans down.  They merely peeled back one of her many layers to reveal a different aspect of her character we didn’t expect or foresee.

We saw a monster in Kharma and delighted in that image. Now that she’s shown a weakness, a spot of vulnerability—something that can be used to defeat her in the future, mind you—we’re pissed off because she’s not what we wanted her to be.

How nifty is that? For once, especially in light of the last few pay per views, the WWE did something unpredictable.

Even more remarkable are the fans who have consistently complained about the WWE’s predictability are also mad  that they’ve done the old switcheroo.

The reality of it all is that the company gave us subtle clues that there would be more to Kharma than “dominating” the Divas division.  We cannot get mad at the WWE because we refused to ignore the signs all along.

For starters, Kharma destroyed both faces and heels. So which side of the fence is she really on?  Is she someone to cheer or someone to boo?

Is she the WWE’s newest “anti-hero?” Even though she has attacked a few fan favorites, she also disrupt the ebb and flow of a bland division.

Can we assume she’s a bad guy that should be cheered because she’s cleansing the Divas division one pretty face at a time? Add to that the moment when she chased Michael Cole out of the ring right after decimating Layla.

On the other hand, how do the Divas deal with a monster that’s whimpering in the middle of the ring? How can anyone feel indifferent to another individual’s suffering and pain?

Kharma attacked a few of the Divas without reason, but can they really put a finger on someone in tears without wondering why they’re crying?

With all this character development swirling inside the ring, how callous was it for us to place Kharma into a neat and quaint little box by expecting her to just destroy all of the Divas by herself?

That move would’ve killed the character.

Have we also forgotten that all of this has caused a whirlwind of chatter about the character and the WWE?

Whether you loved or hated this character development, you’re still talking about it right now.  Tons of pro wrestlers have stated in interviews time and time again that it’s better to have people talking about you than not talking about you at all. 

We should thank our stars that Kharma’s sobbing has caused us to even be mad enough to vent about it, as there are scores of pro wrestlers that have flipped unexpectedly on us without so much as a popcorn fart of acknowledgement from the fans.

The nerdy, pencil-necked teenager creates an image of women from his dad’s magazines and he finds it pleasing.  That same teen grows up and experiences women in real life differently, and that image he created is broken in half.  Does this put the teen off of women altogether?

Heck no!  He adapts and moves on, either enjoying life or spending most of the rest of his life pouting in the corner because he’s still holding on to that faulty image of what women should look like according to his dad’s adult magazine collection.

As Kharma’s fans, and WWE fans for that matter, we should have the same approach.  We can either adapt to this new development or sit in the corner with our lips poked out because “Kharma isn’t a beast and she’s supposed to be one because that’s what I thought she was going to be when she came in and started beating people up and stuff.”  It would be very third grade of us to do the latter.

We should watch what happens next with Kharma, and if we’re impatient enough we can just read the spoilers and dirt sheets to plot where we think Kharma’s character is headed next.

This isn’t the “rapture” of Kia Stevens’ career in the WWE; it is the fulfillment of what appears to be a much needed change in the direction of the Divas division and the WWE’s view of women’s wrestling.

Despite having a break down in the middle of the ring last night, Kharma is perfectly fine where she is.  Ms. Stevens is playing her role perfectly, and speculated reports say that Vince McMahon is high on her and is looking forward to a revitalization of the division with her presence in the company.  If things seem to be right, we have no reason to expect them to go downhill without real evidence.

If all that doesn’t assuage your fears, just remember this one thing: behind every tear Kharma sheds lies the sinister cackle of a maniac waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on her unsuspecting victims.

Who should be more afraid: the unsuspecting WWE Divas, or the unsuspecting WWE Universe?


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