WWE Over the Limit: Why John Cena and Randy Orton's Wins Held Back The PPV

Dan KendallContributor IIIMay 24, 2011

  If I remember rightly a lot of people were little looking forward to last year's Over the Limit event as the card did little to spice up the WWE Universe's appetite. The pay-per-view actually turned out to be fairly successful. This year gave me the same feeling: a feeling of predictability and inevitability.

But would this year's event surpass my initial expectations?

Match 1: Rey Mysterio versus R-Truth

This was a good choice to open up the PPV, using one of the most reliable workers in Mysterio to get the crowd going. This match didn't last that long—around the eight minute mark—but after a slow start things quickly got into gear and, with little support for R-Truth, there was some big noise being made for Mysterio.

Truth's win seemed to slightly come out of nowhere. The commentators didn't set us up for it and despite being in the WWE for around three years now, only half the audience know his finisher! Plus, he needs some entrance music.

Nonetheless the win for R-Truth made sense and if WWE want to continue this feud they have the potential to do so. Although this match didn't have me off my seat there were a few nice spots which made it an enjoyable but not memorable opener.

Winner: R-Truth

Match Rating: two and three quarters stars

Match 2: Wade Barrett versus Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship

Sadly this match didn't offer a lot. It didn't answer many questions, and there was no reason for the live audience to cheer for Ezekiel Jackson.

This made for a rather dull and uninteresting match, although they pulled off some solid moments. Barrett's title reign hasn't been the most pleasant to watch, and the DQ finish just further ripped this match off.

This could have easily taken place on Smackdown!

DQ finishes don't hold a place on PPV's unless under exceptional circumstances.

Below par match, poor finish.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson via disqualification, Barrett retains title.
Match Rating: one and a half stars

Match 3: Sin Cara versus Chavo Guerrero

Woah! Chavo Guerrero has a meaningful singles match on a pay-per-view. Unbelieveable.

The blue lighting when Sin Cara wrestles is annoying and makes the matches predictable. There is no way on this earth that Chavo Guerrero was going to win this match.

Despite that, he put on a good showing. Guerrero is a sold in-ring worker and took a few good spots for Sin Cara here.

The match didn't quite flow smoothly from one high flying move into the next. There was always a small pause for Sin Cara to set himself up or whatever. It just takes the gloss off of it for me.

Despite this, it was a good match that had a nice bit of background to it to give it some meaning.

Winner: Sin Cara
Match Rating: two and a quarter stars 

Match 4: Brie Bella versus Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship

Kelly was obviously in the match to set up a Kharma introduction.

She err... Didn't show up!

The quality of the match itself was okay actually. It was given just the right amount of time to keep it watchable. Despite an unsurprising finish, it was a good divas match. Kharma's absence? Confusing.

Winner: Brie Bella, still Divas Champion
Match Rating: one and a half stars

Match 5: Kane & Big Show versus CM Punk & Mason Ryan for the WWE Tag Team Titles

I was quite happy to see this match on the card as I believed they could all put on a decent showing. Punk was in great form yet again despite knowing his pay-per-view record for the last year was about to go 0-10.

It was given good time to show what they've all got. At the time, I was more than satisfied with a Kane & Big Show win. After watching Raw last night, I question the booking! Why not just let Punk & Ryan have win this match?!

Simply, ridiculous.

Yet again it was a solid match but nothing from the opening five matches has done a lot for the PPV.

Winners: Kane & Big Show, still Tag Team Champions
Match Rating: two and a half stars

Match 6: Randy Orton versus Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Ignoring the fact that Christian should have never lost the title so soon, this rivalry, if you'd call it that, has been built-up well, which showed in the quality of this match.

There was no big slow lock-up or a drab monotonous Orton beat down to start. No, these guys got straight into the action, fast-paced stuff, and it really drew the crowd into the match with a great dueling of "Christian/Orton" chants.

The 17 minutes flew by in a great example of how a singles match should be done. I, like much of the live audience, bought into the near fall Christian had with his spear. Although the Orton win was the more likely, it didn't hurt this match as much as I initially thought it would.


Winner: Randy Orton, still World Heavyweight Champion
Match Rating: four stars

Match 7: Michael Cole v Jerry Lawler in a Kiss my Foot Match

I won't grade this on the in-ring match itself because that would be unfair, as it was more of a segment. To no one's surprise, Lawler won this match after Cole attempted to jib out of it. Although it was a sloppy affair, the moments that followed it were thoroughly entertaining.

First Eve, then Jim Ross came out to humiliate Cole.

Then, when we were all expecting Jack Swagger to come out and mock Cole, we got Bret Hart! It was great just to see Hart and he got a rapturous reception from Seattle.

A nice light-hearted segment to have in all fairness just before the I Quit match.

Winner: Jerry Lawler
Match/Segment Rating: two stars 

Match 8: John Cena versus The Miz in an I Quit Match for the WWE Championship

This match was effectively a handicap match as Alex Riley helped The Miz for most of the bout.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed The Miz's beat down on Cena. It was an innovative culmination of the long feud following the "This is what it's come to" video played by The Miz.

It was pretty extreme, dare I say, hardcore for much of the match which even saw a—banned—steel chair shot to the head by Miz.

But the last five minutes were a complete and utter cop-out ending.

Firstly the scriptwriters employed the ending from the inaugural I Quit match between Mick Foley and The Rock with Alex Riley playing a recording to John Cena saying, "I quit." The referee caught on and restarted the match

Then we saw the SuperCena we thought we'd gotten rid of. It was like going back to where The Miz/Cena feud started in 2009: complete shambles.

The Miz was buried because after a couple minutes of beating he was soon saying, "I quit". Much of The Miz's credibility was tarnished because of the weak ending. There were better ways around having Cena win this match.

It was a good match until the ending which let it down badly. Barely a satisfactory main event I'm afraid.

Winner: John Cena, still WWE Champion
Match Rating: three stars


Overall Pay-Per-View RATING: 2.44 stars

All in all, it was an average PPV but nothing more.

Considering there was more of than two-week build up, one week was used for The Rock, then WWE did okay here but there was too much predictability and same old stuff used here. There were only a couple moments that had you briefly out of your seat which isn't saying a lot. I said that WWE had to up their game for this PPV and they didn't really.

The positives: An excellent World Heavyweight Title match and a good first 15 minutes to the main event.

The negatives: Poor endings to some matches, and a lack of logic in the booking.


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