LeBron James and Miami Heat: Would Championship Make Situation Better or Worse?

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LeBron James and Miami Heat: Would Championship Make Situation Better or Worse?
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Hating the Miami Heat.

In just 10 short months, it has become one the most fun things to do for NBA fans everywhere (except for the five real fans in Miami).  We take joy in watching them struggle. 

It's fun to see them cry and complain.  It's always nice to make fun of the fact that they only have two and a half superstars.  And, during the regular season at least, it was fun to watch them play in a home arena that was only half full most of the time. 

Where did all of those extra fans come from during these playoffs, anyway?

But, do people actually hate the Miami Heat?

Not at all.  I for one have no problem with them as an organization.

Although they have never been a dominant team, the franchise has had some memorable moments since coming into the league in 1988, capped off with a championship in 2006.  They have had a star coach in Pat Riley, star players in Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade and some exciting rivalries with teams like the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls.

It isn't the city that people hate, nor is it the organization. 

What people have against the Heat is that their current team, led by LeBron James, walk, talk and act like they are the kings of basketball.

I mean, they celebrated like they had already won the championship just a day after signing both James and Chris Bosh, while also re-signing Wade.

I have no problem with Wade.  He is an excellent leader, a great player, can always be held accountable and is one of the toughest players in the league.  Does he act like he has been there before?  Yes.  But that's because he has been there before.  D-Wade has a ring.

The problem that most people have with the Heat is James and Bosh.  LeBron acts like he has won everything when in reality he has won nothing.  Bosh seems to think he is better than he really is, and seems to be content with just going along for the ride in Miami.  Sure, he puts up a monster line here and there, but also has been known to completely disappear.

It's no big secret that the majority of NBA fans aren't really in love with the Heat.  But would a championship help their situation, at least in the eye of the public? I'd say so.  Here's why.

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