Into The Action, John Mitchell Most Recent Number One Center In TO

Jack PorterCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

  With the departure of Mats Sundin, the Toronto Maple Leafs were left to find a new number one center for their club. Although it has already been a revolving door of centers, the most recent flavour of the week is 23 year old rookie John Mitchell.

Coach Ron Wilson believes that Mitchell's speed and forechecking ability will work well with Jason Blake and Nik Antropov flanking him.

During training camp Wilson wanted to give Mikhail Grabovski every chance to become the number one guy at center. It just wasn't a good fit and Grabovski has fallen to the second line where he has found chemistry with a pair of Niks in Hagman and Kulemin.

Mitchell's first test comes Tuesday as the Leafs host the Anaheim Ducks.