WWE Realizations: The Rock Went on to Bigger Challenges While Cena Got Comfy

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WWE Realizations: The Rock Went on to Bigger Challenges While Cena Got Comfy

You know that feeling when things just click?  You fight tooth and nail, you get set in your ways, and then your cranium gets knocked the right way, or your cerebrospinal fluid gets swished a little, and suddenly, you see the light?

Yeah, I'm getting that right now.

If you click on my name above and look at my article archives, you'll see a vast number of pieces written on one John Felix Anthony Cena.  I've written about why he's bringing the company down.  I've written about why he's seen as a good figurehead for business transactions with sponsors.  I've even completely psychoanalyzed him and deconstructed his on-screen personality.

I've done all these things in the hopes of finding out what's so special about the man that WWE would keep him at such a high level, despite at least half of the WWE Universe wanting him to lose to the point of booing known heels!

Last night, I came to a realization, one that has probably been discussed by droves of IWC members at length, but one that feels new to me.  That realization is stated in my title, however please take this journey with me and see how I came to this conclusion.

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