Derek Anderson: The Man, The Myth...

Scott GlissonCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

Cleveland should have seen it coming.  After Anderson’s hot start against Cincinnati in week two of last season, he looked unbeatable.  Then, as the season progressed, the Browns saw their touchdown-throwing QB slowly developing into an interception-throwing QB.

Cleveland was winning games on a wing and a prayer with Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Phil Dawson being the angels sent to complete our huge turnaround season.

The second time Cleveland faced Cincinnati Anderson threw interception after interception and left the Browns post-season hopes in the hands of the 10-6 Tennessee Titans.

Well, as we all know, Tennessee beat the Colts and the Browns season ended at 10-6 with no post-season.

But good news, we were keeping our team for next year and we would acquire such talents as Donte’ Stallworth to help boost our explosive offense.  The 2008 season was one of promise and hope.

Back to the present.  The Browns are 30th in points scored, 30th in total yards, 28th in pass yards and 24th in rushing yards.  Where is the explosive offense we had last year?  Wasn’t it supposed to be our defense that was going to be tested?

Well, Anderson is the starter and the Quinn-Anderson debate still rages on in Cleveland but one thing if for sure, Anderson is not consistent enough to be a starter.  With a 2-4 season and the games not getting any easier, should Cleveland cut there loses for this season and start Quinn to get him the in-game play he lacks?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but something definitely needs to happen in Cleveland.  Fast.