Saints, Chargers To Entertain Brits

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 20, 2008

This week, the New Orleans Saints will head to the land of fish and chips, Big Ben (not Roethlisberger), London fog, and Amy Winehouse. Once there, they’ll meet quarterback Drew Brees’ ol’ buddies, the San Diego Chargers for a few hours of "American football" at Wembley Stadium (above), which is sometimes used for soccer matches (top photo).

Last season, the attendees of the London game got to see the future Super Bowl champions up close and personal as the New York Giants played the Miami Dolphins in London. Those teams turned out to be the best and worst teams in the NFL with the Giants winning the Super Bowl and the Dolphins finishing the season at 1-15.

It will be an interesting one for the Brits because of the talent matchups in the game. Both of these teams were projected to make the playoffs and be possible Super Bowl contenders but both teams have had trouble early in the season.

The Saints have made a couple of crucial mistakes late in three games which gave them three marks in the loss category. They have won three games, but lost in a blowout to the Carolina Panthers yesterday, 30-7. If not for those mistakes, then this team could very easily be 6-1 and at the top of the NFC South rather than at the bottom.

The Black and Gold are better than they have been letting on and with the return of Jeremy Shockey and Marques Colston, the team should put on quite an offensive performance in jolly old Great Britain. Reggie Bush, will however not be there after suffering an injury against the Panthers which will keep him off of the field for around a month.

It looks as if plenty of Saints fans will be making the trip to London and with the falling fuel prices, more than expected may be able to make the trip across the pond. We need as many as we can get over there because this will count as one of the Saints’ home games for this season. Don’t forget your gumbo pots, people!

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