WWE: How Larger Than Life Superstars Touch Our Lives

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMay 24, 2011


Last Friday, I was one of, if not, the first Bleacher Reporter to break the news of the untimely death of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Since I wrote that very short article, I've been thinking of ways to write a tribute piece to one of my all-time favorite Superstars.

On my train ride home from work I was tweeting back and forth with other wrestling fans on Twitter.  We were all just sharing our fondest memories of the Macho Man.  Honestly I could probably just post an article of those tweets and that probably would suffice.

Also, as many of you who have read my past articles know, I have a young son who is just gaga for the WWE.

His birthday is this weekend and for the past couple of months I've been buying practically every WWE figure I could get my hands on.

One of the figures I bought several weeks ago was the WWE All-Stars two-pack featuring Randy Savage and John Morrison.

I decided when I got home last Friday I'd give my son that gift early.

He, of course, knew who John Morrison was but asked me, "Daddy, who's that?" as he pointed to the Macho Man.

"That's the Macho Man Randy Savage," I said. "He's one of daddy's favorites."

"Oh, Macho Man," my son repeated. "I like him too. What does he say?" (Author's note, my son is very big on learning every Superstar's catch phrase.)

At that moment I channeled my inner Macho Man and with a rasp in my voice I did my best Savage impression (which by the way is pretty spot on).

"Ohhh Yeeeaah, it's the Macho Man Randy Savage."  I said complete with weird hand and finger movements.

My son started giggling and said "You're so crazy daddy, I like the Macho Man."

All weekend my son played with his new Macho Man toy (that in itself I find to be a great tribute to the man), but it wasn't until last night on RAW that something clicked inside my brain.

While watching the very moving tribute the WWE played, I realized something.

I realized that these Superstars touch us fans more so than any other athlete or entertainer out there.

I'm a huge sports fan, but there hasn't been a single football, baseball, hockey or basketball player who I've liked as much as certain WWE Superstars.

Because professional wrestling is played out like a soap opera, we become emotionally invested in these Superstars' pseudo lives.

I still remember when Macho Man asked Miss Elizabeth to marry him on WWE television, or when Shawn Michaels won the WWE title at Wrestlemania XII.

Both events had me going nuts.  I whooped and cheered for Savage when Miss Elizabeth answered, "Oh Yeah," and lost my mind when Shawn Michaels'  boy-hood dream came true at Mania.

Though staged and predetermined, these events play out like real-life live happenings and us fans get sucked in emotionally. 

While watching the tribute to Savage, I realized that it was just Savage's larger-than-life character being remembered, but my mind went through all of the memorable moments in professional wrestling that I hold dear.

Just the pop of the crowd when Cena's music plays or when we witness a big win for underdogs like Christian.

Just to feel that excitement and see fans leap from their seats as a belt is taken down from the ladder or the ref's hand comes down for the three count.

I don't get that same excitement from a movie, and since I'm a Redskins fan, I don't get to celebrate football victories that often.

I couldn't come up with my tribute article for the Macho Man like I had hoped (luckily there are many fine ones already published on B/R) but through the WWE's tribute to him I remembered why I love wrestling so much and I look forward to many more years of watching and taking my son to see live events.