Anna Kournikova vs. Jillian Michaels: Who's the Hotter Biggest Loser Trainer?

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistMay 24, 2011

Anna Kournikova vs. Jillian Michaels: Who's the Hotter Biggest Loser Trainer?

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    Anna Kournikova has joined the cast of The Biggest Loser as a trainer, meaning she'll be joining Jillian Michaels as they try to inspire people to lose weight and get healthy.

    It's one of the biggest shows on TV, and it was a surprise to hear Kournikova's name mentioned as a trainer, but here we are. With that in mind, we're breaking down the two popular trainers to find out who reigns supreme.

    We'll have four photos of each and a conclusion slide, and if you have any thoughts, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

    Will you be watching the show now that Kournikova is hosting? Let us know.

Anna Kournikova: Bikini Body

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    If looks could win tennis tournaments, Anna Kournikova would have been one of the greatest players of all time.

    Sadly, they don't, and Kournikova's singles career was a total disaster after some early promise. That's what happens when the media latches on to a pretty face.

    However, she was a great doubles player in her day.

Jillian Michaels: Photo Shoot

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    Most guys wouldn't imagine many women who could beat them up, but Jillian Michaels certainly looks like someone who could hold her own.

    She has bigger biceps than I do, not to mention that her abs looks like they're carved out of stone.

    I don't know whether to be impressed or afraid of her physique. Clearly you can see why NBC grabbed her to be a fitness trainer for The Biggest Loser.

Anna Kournikova: On the Beach

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    While they aren't as impressive as Jillian Michaels', you could certainly do worse than Anna Kournikova's abs.

    It's scary how easy it was to find seductive Kournikova photos for this piece. They easily outnumbered her tennis photos three to one.

    Something tells me that if she spent as much time on the tennis court as she did in front of the camera, maybe she would have improved her game and started putting together better showings in the women's draw.

    But who am I to judge?

Jillian Michaels: Punching Bag

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    Remember that whole thing I said earlier about a woman who could beat you up?

    I think it's time for people to be very afraid of Jillian Michaels, especially when you combine her physique with her toughness as a trainer on The Biggest Loser. She is one of the more intense women I've ever seen and doesn't take anything less than full effort.

    I would have loved to see her on Celebrity Fit Club, just to see how long it would be before she attacked one of the contestants.

Anna Kournikova: Back on the Beach

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    Looking at these photos, it's not hard to see why Anna Kournikova remained popular long after it was obvious she wasn't a top tennis player.

    When you continue to strip down to a bikini and lie on the beach, guys will pay attention, especially if you look as good as Kournikova does. I wouldn't be shocked if she made more money off her looks than she did on the tennis court.

    You have to love America.

Jillian Michaels: Photo Shoot No. 2

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    Honestly, does Jillian Michaels wear anything other than a bikini top and some shorts?

    If she does, does it go beyond yoga pants? Can someone tell me if she actually has shirts with sleeves?

    Not that many guys are complaining, but we do live in a society, and regardless of how good your abs look, you have to diversify your wardrobe.

    Although I can't imagine many guys refusing her service if she walked in wearing that.

Anna Kournikova: Rodeo

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    Now there is a career path that Anna Kournikova overlooked.

    Look, the whole tennis thing didn't work out, but you're telling me that if she showed up with a bull rope, a short skirt and a cowboy hat, people wouldn't go see more rodeo shows when they came to town? Her appearances would probably be the highest-attended events of the sport.

    Hey, it couldn't hurt.

Jillian Michaels: Texas-Sized Belt Buckle

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    Okay, well, the good news is that Jillian Michaels owns something other than shorts and yoga pants.

    The bad news is that she clearly doesn't know how to use a belt. I'm not sure if someone told her, but it doesn't work if you don't put it around your waist...and through the loops on the jeans. Somehow I doubt that's doing much for support.

    Then again, does she really need it when she's in that kind of shape?


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    C'mon, you knew this was coming, didn't you?

    It was too easy to take Anna Kournikova, mainly because I remember growing up when she was at the height of her popularity and when every man in America drooled over her and couldn't have cared less about what she did on the tennis court.

    Those were good times.

    Once the men of America see Kournikova back on their TV screens, it's going to be like a walk down memory lane.