Time For Vikings To Put Sesaon in The Bag

Jesse AbelsonContributor IOctober 20, 2008

    With the Vikings 3-4 going into their bye week, I think that it is about time to put the season in the bag. With 6 teams left on their schedule over .500, the vikings are looking at possibly a 6-10 finish, a 3rd place in the NFC North, and once again missing the play-offs. I think that the Vikings should put Tarvaris Jackson back in as Quarterback to see what he can do. If he proves what most of Vikings fans think, that he cannot be a legitimate starter in the NFL, we should trade or draft a Quarterback because John David Booty is not the Vikings future, and Gus Frerotte is not the Vikings Future. Here is a list of things I think the Vikings have to do before they can become a real super bowl contender:


1. Fire Brad Childress and get a real coach that knows how to win in Minnesota.

2. Draft or Trade for a Quarterback if the Vikings have given up on Tarvaris Jackson. If not, let him start the rest of the season to see what he can do.

3. Get a Special Teams Specialist that can actually tackle on punt and kick returns.

4. Get a Fullback that can block for Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.

5. Re-Sign Matt Burk to a long-term contract

    If the Vikings can do all of that, I believe that they could be a super bowl contender.  The Vikings have a great Defense and it will get better once Tyrell Johnson gets better and our corners get better. Our offense is good except our Quarterback and Fullback. If we can get all of these pieces together I believe the Vikings will be the best team in the NFC.