CM Punk: Why He's the Greatest Wrestler of This Generation

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CM Punk: Why He's the Greatest Wrestler of This Generation

Oh, if you don't, you even dare try to say that CM Punk is not the greatest wrestler of this generation. We should all kiss the ground that he walks all. Be him permission to breath the very air that he breaths. We all should make him our children's official role model. We should take out a notepad and personally record every phenomenal word of our straight edge savior proclaims.

No, I have not become critically insane as I have became a believer, then soon a devoted follower of CM Punk. I have seen the evolution of this wrestling master piece from his humble Indy days to his rise as an international superstar in the WWE. The evidence is right in front of you to where you have either more blind than an eyeless roadkill or just plain stupid.

Luckily for you, I'm here to save you from your own pitiful ignorance, as I'll show you the light. It'll only take a dozen forceful amounts of a spoon full of medicine that is the truth. So allow me to be your savior and present to you the glory of CM Punk!

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