NHL Videos: 25 Best NHL Promo Videos Ever

Andrew EideCorrespondent IMay 26, 2011

NHL Videos: 25 Best NHL Promo Videos Ever

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    BOSTON, MA - MAY 23:  Tim Thomas #30 of the Boston Bruins celebrates after their 3 to 1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Garden on May 23, 2011 in Boston, Mas
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    Hockey players are usually very serious guys...at least on the ice.  That reserved demeanor often leads to between-period interviews that are, quite frankly, boring.  So how does the NHL promote the game through its players?

    Well, it turns out that off the ice, these guys can be entertaining.  Some of them are downright funny.

    It also helps to have some good writing to put our hockey heroes in some funny spots.

    Here is a look at 25 great promotional videos featuring the NHL and the game of hockey.  Some are inspiring, some will give you chills, and others will make you laugh.

    These are in no particular order and if we've missed any, feel free to put them in the comment section.

1. 45 Seconds

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    In the '90s Nike tried to cash in on the NHL's popularity and started making hockey equipment.  To sell that, they had some decent promos. 

    In this one, Jarome Iginla and Marcus Naslund take turns firing pucks at each other for 45 seconds to mimic a typical shift on the ice.

    The one burning question is, who pays for all the damage done here?

2. Neutral Zone

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    In this amusing ad for the NHL Network, a coach fires up his team with a pep talk about the importance of neutral zone play.

    Sounds reasonable except I am not sure that imploring your squad to be more like the Swiss is sound hockey strategy.

3. TSN Playoff Promotion

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    TSN in Canada is one of the networks covering the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  This is their playoff promo. 

    It does a good job of featuring this year's contestants and getting you pumped up for the playoffs.

    These promos are somewhat sad, if you are a fan of an eliminated team.  There was so much hope just a few weeks ago!

    Don't worry, there is always next year.

4. Bruins Date

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    This is part promo for Boston Bruins Hockey and part public service announcement.

    While the mascot's actions here might seem a bit harsh to most, he really is enforcing something that should be law.  You just do not date within the division.

    Why doesn't the Habs fan have a French accent?

5. History Will Be Made: Bobby Orr

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    The NHL has scored a big hit with their "History Will Be Made" commercials that debuted during the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

    That year, they featured several historic playoff moments, reversed them and asked "what if."  This one captures one of the most iconic players in his most iconic moment.

6. Sundin Likes Abba

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    In the '90s, hockey was the "it" sport and Nike cashed in with some funny commercials featuring frustrated goaltenders who had been retired, because they couldn't stop the best players.

    Those goalies are still holding a grudge as this poor Habs takes out his frustration of trying to stop Mats Sundin.

    Do we know if Sundin actually did like Abba?

7. Not a Household Name

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    This ad for the NHL on Versus features a slew of young NHL'ers highlighted by Chicago's Jonathan Toews.

    The ad does a great job of giving you a feel for how hockey players are lunch pail kind of guys.

    My only concern is that I'm sure by now Toews has done some ads, and could probably bag a supermodel girlfriend.

8. Swedish Twins

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    This one is as creepy as it is funny.

    Bachelor party dudes excited for some Swedish Twins dancing. Only to find the Sedins are their entertainment.

    Best moments? The Dancing? I got a couple of Loonies?

9. History Will Be Made: No Words

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    This may be the best "History Will Be Made" spot.  Nothing else comes as close to capturing the emotions of winning a Stanley Cup championship.

    We'll take this over "I'm going to Disney World" any day.

10. Joe Thornton Is Just Like You

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    It is hard to resist making jokes about diving and choking here.

    Instead we will just tell you that it features the Sharks captain struggling to make toast.  You know, just like he struggles to lead his team to playoff victories.

    Ok, we couldn't help it.

11. McDonald's Little Goalie

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    How can you not love a mini-trash-talking-French-Canadian goalie?

    Poke Check!

    Nice try No-goal-ov!

    Great lines, great ad.

12. Look Up

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    This spot for the playoffs on Versus is great. 

    Once again, it captures the intensity and drama of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

    The NBA could do one like this with a montage of guys calling time outs.

13. Perfection Matters

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    This quick but amusing ad gives us a glimpse to the comedic styling of Roberto Luongo.

    If only he was this much of a perfectionist against the Blackhawks in 2009!!

14. Cab Driving Goalie

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    Our favorite Sundin-hating Montreal goalie is back.

    This time he is relegated to driving a cab and is as rude as can be.

    What mask?

15. Don't Have to Be Sweet

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    This is an old one featuring Ron Hextall back in his heyday.

    Hextall wasn't the most friendly goaltender on the ice which makes this one pretty funny...and a tad creepy.

    What song is he humming?

16. History Will Be Made Parody

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    As good as the official History Will Be Made spots are, there were just as many good spoofs made by fans.

    There are many to choose from.  This one is a favorite and touches on the undisputed fact that Gary Bettman does not want the Canucks to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    What's that? They're in? Um...awkward.

17. Passing the Torch

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    This one has all kinds of potential.

    It is supposed to show how the game is being turned over to some great young stars.  Sounds like great chill-inducing moments.

    You have Howe, Gretzky and Liemuex.

    How can this go wrong?

    Um...Jagr, Bure, Kariya and Lindros? I think those guys dropped the torch.

18. Rob Ray Security

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    Back when ESPN acknowledged the existence of hockey, they ran some good promos.

    This one features noted goon Rob Ray acting as security.

    Which is the best line?

    "Next time bring some ID!" or "Oh, hey coach."

19. Gretzky-Messier Chess Match

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    This NHL spot is great and actually does a good job of demonstrating the difference in Gretzky and Messier's games.

    You have to wonder though? Rangers uniforms?

    Do you think people in Edmonton see this and just weep openly?

20. Jagr at the U.N.

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    This NHL spot features Jagr acting as interpreter at the U.N.

    You might think it's unrealistic, but in it he explains how he demands the puck.  If he had talked about how he likes to pass it would have just been crazy.

21. Adam Oates and Loose Rebounds

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    This one is funny, albeit a little strange.

    We kept waiting for it to say something about Oates making a pass.

    Still, pretty funny.

22. If Bowling Were More Like Hockey

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    This one never fails to make us giggle like school children.

    And let's face it, we would watch more bowling if it were more like hockey. While we're at it, can we get someone to throw a hip check while curling?

23. 100 Years of Habs Hockey

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    The Montreal Canadiens easily have the greatest hockey tradition.  This promo does a great job of capturing it all.

    We don't know what it says at the end because it is in French, but we are pretty sure it's something about P.K. Subban.

24. All-Star Game Road Trip

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    This is one of the best.

    It features several All-star players wreaking havoc on a hotel.

    It's also sad in a way.  It is sad because it hearkens back to a time when the Crosby-Ovi rivalry was cute and hadn't been forced down our throats.

    Also, Joe Thornton choking down mints is priceless.  See what we did there? Thornton...choking? Thank you, we will be here all night...

25. Farewell to the Playoffs

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    CBC ran this promo at the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2010 and it's great.

    There isn't a better piece that shows everything we love about hockey and the Stanley Cup.

    One question, however, what is up with that phony castle the Kings walk out of? Are they at The Excalibur in Vegas there?