Imogen Thomas Gallery: Ryan Giggs' Superinjunction Wag in Pictures

Shehryar KhanCorrespondent IIIMay 23, 2011

Imogen Thomas Gallery: Ryan Giggs' Superinjunction Wag in Pictures

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    Ryan Giggs desperate bid to keep his name out of the tabloids has failed after his name was publicly disclosed by some newspapers. 

    The Manchester United player sparked backlash with tweeters after threatening to sue twitter, which in turn made the tweeters go Giggs crazy. 

    And his attempts at hiding behind a court gagging order finally came to an end  when Lib Dem MP John Hemming told the Commons the former Wales international was the ­footballer who had the alleged six-month fling with 28-year-old Big Brother star Imogen.

    John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat, used parliamentary privilege to disclose that Ryan Giggs had obtained an injunction to prevent details of an alleged adulterous affair being published.

    Enjoy what Giggs has been enjoying for the last six months.. 

Miss Wales and Big Brother Contestant

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    A Welsh glamour model and a beauty queen, Imogen Thomas shot to fame after winning the Miss Wales title and featured in the reality TV series Big Brother. 

The Dates

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    Imogen has had relationships with a number of celebrities that include Russell Brand, Polo player Jamie Morrission, Swansea City's Matthew Collins and Tottenham Hotspurs Jermain Defoe. 

Modeling Career Highlights

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    Imogen  has had covergirl shoots with Zoo and Maxim magazines, while she had long-running contracts with the Daily Star newspaper. 

FHM Sexiest Woman Awards

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    She was also ranked 58th in the FHM Sexiest Woman in the World awards

Christmas Present

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    Some more of Imogen.. 

Party Girl Imogen

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    She likes the attention... Gagging orders ain't her thing! 

The Giggsy Babe

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    So this is what Giggs does when he's not playing football..