Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Players Who the Lockout Is Hurting Most

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IMay 24, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Players Who the Lockout Is Hurting Most

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    Let's be honest, just about everyone on the Eagles roster is hurting from the current NFL lockout.  Some are being hurt much more financially than others, but no player is benefiting from the lockout.

    Those players that are free agents are unaware of where they'll be playing in the future.  Some Eagles will be retained, but there will also be a number of them who are playing in different jersey's next season.

    As mentioned, every player is affected financially, so let's not look at who's losing the most money each day.  Instead, let's look at some other factors that have certain Eagles hurting from the lockout.

DeSean Jackson

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    No one on this team is more deserving of a new contract than Jackson.  He's already been to the Pro Bowl twice and is one of the most explosive players in the NFL today.  Unlike most of the other high-octane players, Jackson isn't getting very highly compensated for his efforts.

    In 2011, Jackson is scheduled to make $565,000.  That may sound good to you and me, but that's no where near the type of money a guy with the talent like Jackson should be getting paid.

    Although he has one year remaining on his rookie contract, Jackson hopes that he doesn't have to wait until the end of this season before being compensated.  The Eagles aren't obligated to give Jackson a new deal, but clearly, he deserves it.

    Jackson has hired Drew Rosenhaus as his agent and trusts him to get a deal done.  The front office has worked with Rosenhaus before, and you have to hope things don't get ugly.  Both sides likely agree that Jackson deserves a new deal, so hopefully they can work something out to avoid a holdout.  That is, if Jackson is willing to do so.

Michael Vick

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    Much like Jackson, Vick is due for a new contract as well.  His contract expired after the 2010 season, and the Eagles placed the franchise tag on him before the lockout began.  However, it seemed the Eagles did so with the intention of signing Vick to a long-term deal.

    Vick's play last season proved to the Eagles that he was their best bet as the quarterback of the future, and now, they are ready to compensate him accordingly.

    More concerning to me is the fact that Vick is unable to work with his coaches.  We saw Vick make some poor decisions late in the season.  Although I think some of this was due to his lack of confidence in the offensive line, I think it needed to be a big offseason for him in terms of preparation and film study.

    Vick proved that he can still be dominant in this league.  However, I think he can improve by reviewing some of the mistakes he made with his coaches.  Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to do so as much as I would have liked to see.

Jamar Chaney

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    It was hard not to like what we saw out of seventh-round draft pick Jamar Chaney last season.  He filled in very nicely when Stewart Bradley went down last season and looks to be the clear-cut guy in the middle next year.

    I expect Chaney to have a big season and develop as a leader on the defense.  However, the lockout is preventing him to take steps in that direction.

    Chaney is doing everything he can to keep himself prepared, but the lockout is preventing him from interacting with his coaches and being surrounded by his defensive teammates. 

    I'm really excited to see Chaney play in 2011.  I just wish he didn't have to be put in this type of situation at this point in his career.

Jaiquawn Jarrett

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    When the Eagles drafted Jarrett in the second round this year, it seemed to tell us that Quintin Mikell would not be brought back.  It also seemed to tell us that the Eagles expected Jarrett to be the guy to take his place.

    The Eagles drafted safety Nate Allen in the second round last year, and he was the starter for the Eagles on day one.  Jarrett is expected to do the same kind of thing, but the lockout isn't helping.

    Jarrett is known to be a very smart player, and he's going to have to prove that as soon as he steps on the field for the Eagles.  It looks like there will be a shorter time than usual for teams to prepare before the season starts, so it will make it harder for first-year players to get into the stating lineup right away.

    Kurt Coleman showed some promise last year, but the Eagles want Jarrett to be their guy.  He'll be the guy at some point, but the lockout may prevent him from being the guy immediately.

Danny Watkins

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    I wonder how it felt for Danny Watkins to walk on stage at Radio City Music Hall and be congratulated by the commissioner of a non-operational league.  Bittersweet, I suppose.

    First-round draft picks are typically brought in with high expectations.  This was definitely the case with Watkins.  The guard position was a big hole for the Eagles last year, and Watkins is expected to step in and solidify the position immediately.

    Howard Mudd will likely work with Watkins more than other player when coaches and players are finally able to spend time together.  Watkins was a great player at Baylor but is going to need to do a little work before he can become dominant in the NFL.

    For a guy who is about to help protect Michael Vick's blindside, you don't want to see him missing out on any workouts.