Stand by Your Habs: Montreal Canadiens Fans Remain Hopeful

Miah D.Senior Writer IJanuary 20, 2008

Despite some really doubtful plays the day before, the Montreal Canadiens could count on a nearly full Bell Center for their open training today.

A surprise? Not quite so.

Among others, young fans have been the ones who made the most noises with their "Go Habs Go" chants, the "yeaahhh," the "aaah," and so much more!

Despite the NFL conference finals tonight, Habs fans could also get their piece of sunshine in this completely and extremely cold day.

When the 10 to 15 year old boys and girls who were asked whether or not the Habs would make the playoff, hearts were beating as their eyes were all shinning with hope and trust—“yeaaaaaaah!” they all yelled.

It was almost as if they were saying "of course, what a question!"

Well, this is why it is nice to get other perspectives than those said by some stats and some strange performances once in a while.

Those are the players they chose to like, despite the other big stars and shinning teams on the same game channels. This is the team they decided they would join their hands for, as their parents did, and generations before them.

These young folks like the Habs, beaten or not by the Pens, because they are THEIR Canadiens.

And you? Do you think the Montreal Canadiens will make it to the playoffs?

Mmhh...did you think a bit or did you reach your the answer without hesitation?

Well, a friend of mine once said that supporting a team is like a marriage, as it in for better or for worse. Like having kids, despite them acting strangely sometimes, we still love and support them.

This is what is so special with this hockey team, fans are literarily into it! From these little guys, trying to stand long enough on their skates at 4-years-old, and spending all possible energy to handle both balance and stick, dreaming of being Chris Higgins or Tomas Plekanek, to the grandparents who remembers how the "Rocket" illuminated their eyes and heart, just about the same as Alex Kovalev illuminates this generation (Kovalev is just an example, everyone is free to have his own "heart illuminator" of course).

The magic is everywhere and it has been around for about a 100 years. Why would this year be different from the precedent ones?

That is up to the players and the fans to define how this one becomes something special.

But already, those players can count on having 20,000 fans cheering for them every night that is at the Bell Center not taking into account those at home, in the restaurants, bars, and everywhere else.

Still...Montreal Canadiens...we love you!