Oregon Football: Six Reasons Chip Kelly Will Go Down as the Greatest Duck Coach

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IMay 24, 2011

Oregon Football: Six Reasons Chip Kelly Will Go Down as the Greatest Duck Coach

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    In 2007, coach Mike Bellotti brought Chip Kelly onto the Oregon staff as the offensive coordinator. That may end up being one of the biggest moments in Oregon history.

    In 2009, Mike Bellotti made the choice to retire as the Oregon head coach and passed the torch to Chip Kelly, who has grabbed it and took off.

    Through two seasons, the Oregon Ducks football program has reached a level it has yet to see. In back-to-back seasons, the Ducks have gone to the Rose Bowl and BCS National Championship and won the Pac-10 in both years.

    Here are six reasons that Chip Kelly will go down as the best Ducks coach in program history.

Innovative Offense

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    Since arriving in Eugene, Chip Kelly has taken the offense by storm and helped put up numbers that have not been seen out in Oregon before.

    Kelly brought his spread option offense out to Oregon has helped put the right pieces together to run the offense.

    When Kelly took over the offense in 2009 and even more so in 2010, he has added a new wrinkle to the offense but speeding up the pace and tempo in which his offense runs.


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    If you base Kelly off of his halftime interviews and quick interactions with media, he can come across as short and condescending.

    For those who follow the program closely and have had the opportunity to interact with Kelly know that he is extremely grounded and has his priorities straight.

    Kelly has been able to gain the trust of his players and their respect based on his coaching style and loyalty. He also has been extremely giving when it comes to our troops, who have been honored at the previous two spring games.

East Coast Connection

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    When going up against elite programs, Oregon has always found themselves with an uphill battle. Oregon has mainly focused on in-state and West Coast recruits and have done well.

    Since adding Kelly to the staff, Oregon has been able to expand their reach into Texas, the Midwest and on the East Coast.

    By having the ability to reach out to the other coast, Oregon's football program is set to reach new levels.

Sets the Tone

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    When introduced as the new head coach in 2009, Chip Kelly was able to set a new tone at Oregon. He came in with the mantra of "Win the Day" and has never faltered from that message.

    Kelly has his players focused on the idea of winning the day no matter the task. Players are expected to win at wind sprints, stretching, warm-ups and each and every play.

    This message has helped keep his players focused and able to deal with the spotlight that has been placed on them.

Autzen Stadium Advantage

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    Regardless of the team that Coach Kelly can put on the field, the one advantage that he always can count on at home is the crowd that surrounds the field.

    Autzen Stadium is a place that has not been kind to opponents, and since Kelly has taken over as head coach, he has yet to lose a game at home.

National Championship

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    The last reason that Chip Kelly will go down as the best head coach at Oregon is the fact that he will bring a national championship back to Eugene.

    Kelly has continued to push the limits of the Ducks program to the point that they fell short of winning a championship on a last-second field goal in only his second season.

    With more and more talent finding their way to the northwest to play for Kelly, a national championship is not far off in the future.