Tennessee Titans: Top 10 Offensive Threats for 2011 Season

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IMay 24, 2011

Tennessee Titans: Top 10 Offensive Threats for 2011 Season

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    In 2010 the Titans offense actually made great strides overall despite Chris Johnson having a down year and Kenny Britt missing substantial time due to injury.

    The future looks bright for the offense with this recent addition of Jake Locker in the NFL draft, and the rest of the current receivers looking to stick around with the exception of Randy Moss.

    If the Titans are going to make any sort of run at a playoff spot in head coach Mike Munchak's rookie coaching campaign, then these top 10 offensive threats will have to step up big.

10. Ahmard Hall

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 15 receptions, 100 yards; 1 rush, 1 yard

    Ahmard Hall is truly an athletic specimen out of the backfield, and even as a fullback he's still a reliable receiver in the flats.

    He's rarely used as a rusher, but has shown in his five seasons with the Titans that he's a great blocker. Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer will rely on him heavily in 2011 to help them take pressure off the passing game.

    If Jake Locker becomes a rookie starter, then Hall's role out of the backfield will grow even more as a check-down receiver.

9. Jared Cook

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 29 receptions, 361 yards, 1 TD

    Jared Cook is probably the most athletic of the Titans' tight ends, but he's lacked consistency on a week-to-week basis during his two NFL seasons.

    He needs to become a more reliable receiver in short yardage situations in 2011, especially if Jake Locker is the starter.

    Cook is a huge target for whoever ends up taking snaps for the Titans, and hopefully he'll build off of his 15 receptions he brought in over the last three games of last season.

8. Javon Ringer

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 51 rushes, 239 yards, 2 TD, 4.7 yards per carry

    Javon Ringer made the most of his limited opportunities to make an impact in 2010. He needs a larger role in the offense in 2011.

    Even though Chris Johnson is obviously the premiere back of the Titans, Ringer offers a change of pace that can throw defensive coordinators off.

    If Ringer can a few more carries on a week-by-week basis, then his numbers will flourish. It will also give the Titans a dual threat in the backfield.

7. Jake Locker

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    2010 Stats @ Univ. of Washington: 17 pass TDs, 2,265 pass yards, 55 completion percentage, 9 INT

    There aren't many teams who have a bigger void to fill at quarterback than the Titans, and they're not shying away from the possibility that Locker could be the Week 1 starter.

    Locker brings a ton of heart and grit to the team, but he's still a rookie quarterback. His impact will depend greatly on the pass protection he gets, and how the running game does.

    The potential of Locker is extremely high, and his ability to move out of the pocket make him a legitimate threat for the Titans even as a rookie quarterback.

6. Marc Mariani

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    2010 Offensive Stats: N/A

    Marc Mariani made a major impact on special teams last season, but never saw the field as a wide receiver in 2010. Frankly there just wasn't room for him on the depth chart.

    This season should offer a new opportunity for Mariani as an offensive threat, and head coach Mike Munchak has hinted at that this offseason.

    They want to work him in as a slot receiver much like Wes Welker for the Patriots.

    With Mariani's ability to cut up the field quickly through good blocking makes him a threat on short-screen passes and out-routes.

5. Damian Williams

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 16 receptions, 219 yards, Long 39

    Damian Williams saw more time on the field as a wide receiver than Mariani did, but he still saw very few looks during his rookie campaign.

    Look for Williams' role to increase greatly in 2011 with Randy Moss moving out of the picture and the looming possibility of Kenny Britt being suspended to start the season.

    Williams is definitely capable of making a huge impact, and he showed glimpses of that in 2010.

4. Bo Scaife

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 36 receptions, 318 yards, 3 TD, Long 30

    Bo Scaife's numbers have been declining steadily over the last two seasons, but he's still very important to this offense.

    We all know he's capable of making unbelievable catches down the middle of the field, and he's also a great underneath receiver.

    It's looking probably that Scaife may not return for next season, but until that happens he's still one of the bigger offensive threats for the Titans passing game.

3. Nate Washington

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 42 receptions, 687 yards, 6 TD, Long 71

    Nate Washington tied for the team lead in receptions, led the team in targets and was second on the team in receiving yards last season.

    Now that Kenny Britt could miss for the first couple of games due to legal matters, it looks that Washington will have to embrace the role as the team's No. 1 wide receiver.

    Washington relies heavily on his speed, which always leaves open the chance to get big gains through the air. That alone makes him a huge threat for opposing secondaries.

2. Chris Johnson

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 316 rushes, 1364 yards, 11 TD, 4.3 yards per attempt

    It seemed that defenses figure Chris Johnson out last season after he rushed for over 2,000 yards in 2009.

    At times Johnson seemed frustrated with the direction of the team, so expect him to come out with a fire in his belly in 2011 to try to prove that 2009 was no fluke.

    We all know that Johnson is always one quick cut away from breaking down the sideline for a long touchdown run. That's one offensive threat that the Titans have that every other NFL team would love to have.

    If Johnson has another average season like last season then this could make the mountain to climb at quarterback position pretty much impassable.



1. Kenny Britt

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    2010 Offensive Stats: 42 receptions, 775 yards, 9 TD, Long 80

    Kenny Britt has quickly emerged as one of the better young receivers in the NFL, and his importance to the Titans' success was shown when he was lost to injury midseason.

    Britt would've most likely eclipsed 1,000 yards and helped the Titans to a few more wins if not for his injury.

    Now it looks that the Titans will start the 2011 season having to fill his role again due to Britt's run in with the law.

    Even if Britt misses some time due to suspension, he will still return as the biggest offensive threat the Titans have to offer. He's a huge target with soft hands and the ability to move the chains.

    He's one of those receivers that makes the jobs of their fellow quarterbacks a lot easier.

    Offense is important, but defense wins championships. Check out these top weapons for the Titans defense in 2011.