NFL Star Out Of London Clash

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush will miss next Sundays London clash at Wembley stadium against the San Diego Chargers after injuring his left knee.

The running back will have surgery on it after missing most of the game against the Carolina Panthers in which they lost.  The game at Wembley was expected to feature two of the league's most exciting stars in Reggie Bush and LaDainian Tomlinson, and two of its leading teams but this will no longer happen.

Both of the NFL teams arrived at Gatwick Airport early on Monday morning.  Intriguingly New Orleans are set to use Arsenal's training grounds while they are in the country whereas San Diego are going to use a training pitch near London that the England rugby team often use.

As an Englishman it is good to see that the NFL is bringing their franchise over here and we are very grateful for it and I look forward to watching it.