WWE Over the Limit: What's Next for Michael Cole After His Loss to Jerry Lawler?

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIMay 23, 2011

After what seems like the longest angle in WWE history, Jerry "the King" Lawler defeated Michael Cole at Over The Limit, retaining his Hall of Fame ring, and introducing the best moment of the night: when Bret Hart sauntered out and put Cole in the sharpshooter, forcing the commentator to kiss Lawler's feet.

So that's the end of the angle, right?


A friend of mine morosely commented: "Cole/Lawler is the feud that will never die. It's a best-of-infinity series, with the decider at Wrestlemania forever."

But judging by the total lack of crowd reaction to the entire segment last night—they perked up momentarily when the referee tore up Cole's doctor's note, and again when the Hitman appeared—, I suspect the WWE have realised this has run its course.

So what next for Cole? He certainly can't go back to commentating alongside Lawler; having spent the best part of the year talking about himself rather than the action, I can't see him returning to the mic either.

With him retired from in-ring competition, there are only two jobs he can possibly take.

First, the manager seems to be in vogue, with Michael Hayes emerging on Superstars last week. Cole could certainly manage a heel stable; it's fundamentally what he's been doing with Jack Swagger anyway.

Or second, he could take the role of the Raw general manager. The creative team hasn't given a clue who the anonymous Raw GM is or ever was. Let him or her resign off-screen, and Cole can step into the power vacuum.

The heels are taking a horrible burial on Raw at the moment—a heel GM would at least give them the excuse to get more screen time.

Alternatively, my friend could be right. In which case, Cole will be facing Lawler in a Kiss My Ass match at Capitol Punishment.