Does God Have A Favorite Team?

John 'Fatty'-FatlandCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2008

Making a simple comment on my blog the other day, I ended with what I thought was an innocent statement, "God willing, we win tomorrow."

Someone came back to me, "Don't you bring God into this. God is not a Lakers Fan."

Not wanting to bring religion into a sports blog—the unforgivable sin—I pondered my response.

Does God play favorites when it comes to sports teams?

When you think about it, it makes sense doesn't it? I mean, didn't God have a 'Chosen Nation'? Don't religions and nations claim, 'God is on their side'? Then, why shouldn't sports teams?

Don't say you have never contemplated the thought. For a fact, I know there are no atheists when your team is losing and the game is on the line. If your team is down by two, with one second to go, and your guy is shooting free throws, don't you find yourself praying, "Please God, oh please! Don't miss!"?

Anyway, before I could even type my reply, the following post came up for approval. It had no email address. It had no IP. It had no name attached. And yet, inexplicably, I checked, Approve.

I think I'm having a Fox News spiritual moment here: "You read, you decide." 


 Regarding your comment.

“God is *not* a Lakers fan.”

Although I have been a  long time reader of every word of every sports Blog ever written, I have never commented  before, so I’m a little nervous.  Most of my comments I have saved for ‘the Blog of Blogs,’ the Good Book. Its part of my mysterious ways to not comment publicly on important matters. But thouest comment was so profound, that I felt compelled to respond to thy post and straighten the matter out.

When it comes to sports, it is true, I don’t usually take sides and have favorites. But with the Lakers, I made an exception. Hey, if I can choose sides in war, then why can’t I have a favorite NBA team?

You see,  when you carry the burdens of the world on your shoulders, and the burdens are many, trust me, you need some sort of escape to handle all the stress that comes with the job. And for me it’s the NBA. You must admit, there’s some serious ballin’ going on!

The NBA, where ‘Amazing Happens’, verily I say, is truly Fan-tas-tic!

Although the signs have been subtle, with eyes of faith anyone can clearly see the Lakers have been my favorite team for some time.

‘Doubting Thomas's and Thomasinas, the signs have been in front of thou, all along.

Do you remember the amazing fourth quarter, seventh-game playoff comeback against the Trailblazers? Pretty special, wasn't it?

Robert Horry's shot to beat the Kings: 'The shot heard around the world, and in Heaven.'

Derek Fisher's  .4 game winner against the Spurs.  Need I say miracle?

Phil Jackson’s  'Second Coming' to coach again.

Kobe’s inspiring, Samson-like 81 points against Toronto.

Magic’s 'Baby Sky Hook' to beat the Celtics. No pagan leprechaun to help the C’s that day—haha.

Von Wafer's pick in the draft. J/k Lol—Even I have a sense of humor.

Do you think its some sort of coincidence the Lakers wear white on Sunday home games?

And don’t you dare point to the Kwame for Butler trade as an excuse not to believe. I was busy that day, and that Beelzebub of a GM, Mitch Kupchak, acted presumptiously without me.
"Oh ye of little faith!"

But like you, I too, share and feel your pain, when the Lakers don’t play as well as they should.

It saddens my heart to see them losing to lousy teams

When Kwame fumbles away a sure lay up—“Catch and Dunk the D*** ball Kwame!”

When Satan’s referees judge a call wrongly against my Lakers—I’ve got a special call for them on Judgement Day!

And regarding the Lakers pick-and-roll defense—don’t get me started. I can move mountains, part the Red Sea, and raise the dead, piece of cake, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, even I can’t help these guys roll off a screen.

As my right-hand man, Chick Hearns, always reminds me, “you need to show the patience of Job, Big Guy. It’s a journey, enjoy the ride.”

Remember,  “I AM WHAT I AM” and “I AM” a Lakers Fan (Exodus 3:14)

(Sorry about all the “thees, thys, and thous”—old habits are hard to break.

    Anonymous:  Posted on the 7th day at the 11th hour


Authors comment: I know some of you will say it takes "Blind Faith" to accept the fact God is on your teams side. Faith to accept that God helped in the wins, but was blind to all the losses.

My friends that worship the Phoenix Suns might be losing faith in God. They feel that God has been testing them for 40 years in the Wilderness of the Arizona desert, never allowing them crossing over the Salt River Jordan, into the Promised Land of an NBA Championship. 

After my profound experience, I feel I have seen the light, and God IS a Lakers Fan. And.......He justly punishes the wicked. 


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