WWE: My Monday Night Raw

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 23, 2011

WWE: My Monday Night Raw

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    Before I get started, let me explain what this article is about.

    Over the past couple of weeks, WWE programming has been getting boring in certain spots. I have decided to make my own Raw card as if I were in charge. The following matches and promos are ones that I would make if I had control of the show.

    I will give my match winner at the end of each slide but you, the readers, can also give your winners of each match in the comment section.

    So without further delay, let's kick off Monday Night Raw!

Macho Man

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    We open with a video package in remembrance of Randy Savage.

Opening Segment

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    Raw is live tonight from Portland, Oregon!

    Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews start off the show. Jerry explains that Michael Cole has not shown up for the show. Instead, Good Ol' J.R. makes his way down to the ring to join the other two on commentary.

    John Cena comes out and starts a three to four-minute segment about his victory last night. Before he can continue, Alberto Del Rio comes down to the ring demanding a title shot. He explains that if Cena were a real champion, he would give someone with Del Rio's ability a shot.

    The Miz then makes his way down to the ring. He tries to make himself seem strong and deserving of another title shot. The three argue for a few seconds until the Raw GM chimes in. The GM states that both Del Rio and The Miz will have matches tonight; whoever wins is the No. 1 contender for Cena's WWE Championship. If they both win, then they are both contenders.

    The GM also states that Cena will face an opponent later on in the show, but it is not yet revealed as to who it is.

    The three men seem confident as we head backstage where Scott Stanford is standing by with C.M. Punk. Punk gives a quick promo explaining his loss last night and we are turned back to our ringside trio for our first match.

Fatal 4-Way to Determine the No. 1 Contender for the United States Championshp

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    Evan Bourne's music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. He is followed by Dolph Ziggler and then Chris Masters, the third competitor, makes his way down as we head to commercial.

    When we come back, the three men are awaiting the fourth man. Drew McIntyre makes his grand entrance and the match is now underway. The match goes on for about 10-15 minutes with all men showing their athleticism.

    Eventually, all four hit their respective finishers. Evan Bourne hits his on Drew McIntyre but is put in the Masters lock by Chris Masters. Masters is then hit with the Zig Zag by Dolph Ziggler. By this time, McIntyre has recovered and hits Ziggler with the Future Shock and gets the pinfall.

    Post your winners in the comment section.

Match 2: Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly

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    The two women make their way down to the ring and have a few minutes of typical diva wrestling before (you guessed it) Kharma comes down and lays out Gail Kim. She then stares at Kelly and runs her fingers through Kelly's hair.

    The match is over with no real winner.

Match 3: The Miz and Kane

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    The Miz comes down accompanied by Alex Riley. He cuts a quick promo about how it does not matter who his opponent is because he will win anyway. Kane's music hits and we are underway.

    This is a solid match with about 10 minutes of fighting. Riley eventually tries to interfere and help The Miz but ends up knocking the Miz out after a shot with the briefcase. Riley is confused and stunned as Kane chokeslams The Miz to pick up the victory.

    The Miz is obviously angry with Riley. He puts Riley in the Skull Crushing Finale, hits it and walks off.

    Post your winners in the comment section.

Match 4: Alberto Del Rio and Big Show

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    Del Rio comes out and also explains how he will win, unlike The Miz, who lost. Big Show comes out to his usual reaction and we get the match going.

    Big Show dominates the match but is eventually slowed up when Del Rio begins to attack his arm and leg. Del Rio keeps the offensive going. Del Rio is looking real good and looks to be ready to end the match but Alex Riley runs down looking to make up for his earlier mistake. He is going to hit Big Show with the briefcase (DQ'ing Del Rio) but instead hits Del Rio with it, allowing Alberto to pick up the victory.

    Del Rio is the No. 1 contender and Riley again runs off frustrated.

    Post your winner in the comment section.

Main Event: John Cena and ?

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    John Cena comes down explaining that Alberto Del Rio is now the No. 1 contender. But he says he has business to take care of tonight so he waits for his opponent.

    C.M. Punk makes his way down—he is Cena's opponent. Just before the match begins, R-Truth interrupts. He states that he is tired of not being in the main event. He demands a main-event match. The GM chimes in again and agrees—this match is now a triple threat.

    The three fight for 20-25 minutes. The match is good and quick paced. As we near the end, R-Truth is ready to finish off C.M. Punk but Rey Mysterio comes running down and distracts Truth. Punk takes advantage and hits the GTS. Cena then grabs Punk and hits the AA for the victory.


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    Raw closes with Cena's celebration and Truth storming off.

    That is my version of tonight's Raw. What did you think of it?

    Leave your comments below and post your match winners as well. Thanks for reading.