Lou Brock, Jeff Bagwell...Matt Garza?

Dan WadeSenior Analyst IOctober 20, 2008

Ask anyone in the media who won the Rays-Twins trade that took place last winter, and the verdict is already in. Irrespective of what happens to Delmon Young and Matt Garza from here on out, the Twins got hosed and the Rays made out like bandits.

And all it took was one game.

Not to take anything away from Matt Garza, who shook off Dustin Pedrioa's early blast to lead the Devil Rays into the World Series en route to claiming ALCS MVP honors, but it seems to be to be a little early to place him in the pantheon of "Incredible Trades" along with Lou Brock, Joe Nathan (and Francisco Liriano), and Jeff Bagwell.

Those three trades were epic failures, and it is simply too soon to put that tag on Delmon Young.

Garza's line for the year was a good, but far from overwhelming, 11-9, 3.70 ERA, 1.24 WHIP. Thankfully, Delmon Young really hit the skids and that's where Garza's extreme value comes from.... right?

Delmon's drop in production, his sophomore slump if you will, is more a factor of too much hype and less of an actual decrease in production.

His rookie numbers, good for second place in the ROY voting(.288/.316/.405) aren't all that different from this year's slash line (.290/.336/.405). So, while many fans expected more out of the super talented kid, he wasn't nearly as bad as many perceived him to be this season.

I'm more than willing to agree that over the course of this season, Matt Garza was the prize of the Twins-Rays trade. He pitched well on the biggest stage the Rays have seen so far in franchise history. Garza may continue to be the best piece in that deal, but it is far too soon to call Delmon Young a flop and to add Matt Garza's name to the list of players you can't believe someone traded.