WWE's Rendezvous with the Real Deal: Analyzing The Viper, Randy Orton

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 24, 2011

Randy Orton, the current World Heavyweight Champion and WWE's own Apex Predator, has been a buzzing topic in the Internet Wrestling Community of late.

The first thing which I will talk about, is the legitimacy of his top star status.

In the last one year, he has fallen in the eyes of the majority of the IWC. Honestly speaking, I have to disagree with those who say he should not be main eventing on SmackDown.

In the eyes of the casual fans, Orton still has more credibility than almost all the superstars on the blue brand at the present moment.

But I can't deny the fact that in the last year, his credibility has fallen and for good reason. He was doing way better when he was a heel, once they turned him face, his act grew stale and his credibility fell to an extent.

But does that mean that he should not carry SmackDown?

Think again.

WWE is riding an all time low. Whether you like it or not, Randy Orton is still in the top bracket when it comes to selling tickets and merchandise, thus making the WWE money.

I will gladly jump on Christian's bandwagon and wholeheartedly say that I would have him as the World Champion over Randy Orton any day. Because let us be honest, he has worked hard for it, is more talented than Orton and has an entertaining character.

But then, as a rational IWC member, I can't forget the fact that it is not me but Vince McMahon, who is running the company.

Vince is a businessman. Businessmen focus on making money, and at the present moment Orton would make him more money than Christian will.

The IWC is a small percentage of the WWE Universe, which means the company favors the casual fans who constitute a majority. Orton, being more over with the casual fans, is bound to be on a better footing than many others.

Christian on the other hand, while extremely talented, is not as over enough as Randy is.

That's why Randy is SmackDown's favored main eventer.

To summarize, the IWC is helpless.

One of the biggest problems IWC has with Orton, is his stale and boring character. Orton is pretty Robotic when cutting promos or being interviewed.

I will give him props for sticking with his character whilst after the face turn, but it has become monotonous over time.

Despite his lackluster character, many wrestling fans don't give him credit for his in-ring abilities. Orton has wrestled many good matches back in the day—his bout Taker at WrestleMania 21 and the hardcore match with Mick Foley to name two—which prove his abilities as an in ring athlete.

His in ring work has deteriorated, however, and is not as impressive as it used to be, but his match at Over the Limit proved that he's still adequate on the mat.

The IWC also questions his charisma.

Charisma, can be best described as the ability of a superstar to connect with the audience. Usually a superstar's charisma depends on his ability to utilize the microphone to get the crowd heated up.

On the mic, he lacks.

But then does it mean that he lacks charisma? I don't think so.

I feel that his RKO's—which is often both well executed and one of the best maneuvers around—is good enough to get the crowd behind him.

Then there's the discussion about backstage politics.

Many in the IWC believe Randy Orton had Mr. Kennedy fired. While I refuse to believe the dirt sheets, one thing caught my eye last year.

One year ago at WWE Over the Limit, Randy injured himself in a bout with Edge.

In response, Mr. Kennedy tweeted, "Karma is a B**CH, could not have happened to a better person."

This ensured one thing: Something was definitely cooking.

So let us see, Mr.Kennedy had botched a move which made Orton land the wrong way and hurt him exactly where he had been injured before.

Put yourself in Randy's shoes and for a moment think: Would you not be frustrated had the same thing happened with you?

I mean, won't it bother you if your career ended because he messed up a move?

Randy could have controlled his anger and spoken to Mr. Kennedy about the matter backstage. This way, Vince wouldn't have made a big deal out of it and maybe Mister Kennedy would have kept his job.

In that way, it was Randy's mistake.

But my honest analysis of this situation is, Randy Orton will never be given a clean chit in this situation.

Orton even yelled at Kofi Kingston for botching a move in the ring. Maybe, just maybe, had he controlled his rage the staff wouldn't have been de-pushed Kingston.

Orton has also botched moves on occasion.

Does it mean that the other person should yell, display rage and complain back stage as well?

I don't think so. And this is exactly why, I won't give Orton the benefit of the doubt here.

Another reason behind IWC's hate of Orton may also come from the fact that he was accused of being responsible for the firing of Mr.Kennedy and the depushing of Kofi Kongston, two people the IWC like.

Then last year, his act got stale and his credibility in the eyes of the IWC fell. But the final straw which broke the camel's back was him winning the World Heavyweight Champion against Christian, who is IWC's love child, for good reason.

Once the IWC was disappointed to the limit, all the hate for Orton which was present but not boiling, just started to come out and all of a sudden, Orton became the most despised wrestler by the Internet Wrestling Community.

Is the Internet right or wrong in hating/disliking him?

My verdict is; while I am Indifferent to Randy Orton, I do believe that, there is no right or wrong here because we don't know the exact story is/was. As for him main eventing on SmackDown, we only have ourselves to be blame. We gave him all the love, cheered for him at arena's, made him the Internet's poster child and are now crying about it.

We are helpless, and need to be saved.


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