Sacramento Kings Excite On Saturday Night. Seriously.

Jason Coldiron@@tweetme1979Correspondent IOctober 20, 2008

It’s Saturday night. I’m at home. The Red Sox and Rays are playing a playoff game and for some reason I could care less. I can’t wait for the NBA season to start. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Kings this year and the league in general.

So the truth is that I’d rather be watching preseason NBA games. The Kings are playing the Mavs and I’m stoked. The game is on and I’m at my computer. Gametime.

9:41 mark, first quarter. The first dead ball comes with Spencer Hawes dominating at both ends and the Mavs running for cover. They have to get a timeout, NOW.

Hawes is out there boxing out Dirk for a rebound and putback, a pass to Moore for a layup, and a charge down the lane to dunk on a porous Mavs D. More importantly, he’s playing aggressive defense and rebounding well at both ends.

8:32: Every time Kevin Martin touches the ball you can feel the energy. The guy can get his first step past anyone in the NBA and follow it up with the deep ball any time he wants. Kings fans or not, this guy has to be recognized among the elite.

7:27 Jason Kidd thinks that if he shoots he will spontaneously combust.

5:47 The first look at Brad Miller, who will miss the first five games of the season.

4:55 Kidd heard me talking about him and started jacking up 3’s.

3:25 Martin’s jumper is off, but he’s still getting to the rim at will.

2:40 You’re telling me that Dirk can’t get by Brad Miller? Seriously?

1:55 Kings wisely run isolation play on right wing for Salmons against a helpless Kidd. Layup Salmons. Look for the Kings to take advantage of this kind of mismatch more this season.

The first quarter ends with a Nowitzki deep ball tying the game at 26.

The second quarter starts with a lineup of Martin, Bobby Jackson, Garcia, Moore, and Hawes. This looks to be one of the Kings main lineups going into the start of the season. The commentators talk all about the importance of chemistry.

The first dead ball of the second quarter comes. The Mavs have gone up by seven.

6:24 The Kings are running the triangle. The triangle seems to work well with Kevin Martin draining 25 footers.

4:54 I’m sick of listening to people talking about how good Jason Kidd used to be. Seriously.

4:42 Did I mention that Kevin Martin is un-guardable?

3:42 Gerald Green of the Mavs is on fire and jumping out of the gym. Green looks like he’s earned a spot in the Maverick rotation.

2:57 Kings trail 52-45. I can’t believe how long I just waited for the score to be shown onscreen.

2:01 Dirk can’t get by Kenny Thomas either? Seriously?

The first half ends. Mavs lead 63-54. Kevin Martin has 20.

10:38 Third quarter. Salmons goes 1 on 5. Ref bails him out with the whistle.

8:15 Salmons rips through the Mavs D for 3 straight attacking scores. Mavs call for time.

7:10 This seems like a good time to point out what seems clear to me. The Kings success offensively this year will be based primarily on the play of Martin, Salmons, and Garcia. Success or failure defensively will come from the play of the big guys. And it may be just that simple. Seriously.

4:23 Udrich has ridiculous moves at the rim. He looks like he can be effective this year setting up the wing guys on draw and kick plays.

The Kings botch the last play of the quarter and Josh Howard gets an uncontested layup. Mavs lead 92-86.

11:44 Kings start the fourth quarter playing zone defense.

8:54 Zone looked good for a while, but starting to break down now. Mavs are looking to finish this thing.

6:56 Dallas leads 107-90. Both teams are pulling the veterans. Wave the white flag.

3:51 118-92 Mavs. The game is winding down. Hawes, Greene, Shelden Williams and Bobby Brown are getting some playing time… and getting dunked on repeatedly.

Mavs close the game out 124-90, pulling away in the fourth quarter.

The Kings lose the game but gain important experience as a team. Francisco Garcia finishes the game in the locker room with a calf injury. The next game is Monday and I can’t wait.

It’s Saturday night. It’s later and I’m still at my computer. I could get out and have a life, or I could check on that baseball game. If you were a sports fan, what would you do? Seriously.