Where Have All the Tag-Teams Gone?

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

No it isn't a mid-'90s song by Paula Cole, but a serious question.

Remember when tag teams were two men who worked together for years, had a catchy team name, wore matching "team" uniforms, and had well-choreographed moves and finishers?

Remember the Killer Bees, the Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, the Rockers, the Midnight Express, the Road Warriors, the Rock and Roll Express, Demolition, the Freebirds, and the Hardy Boyz?

Hell, even the crappy teams had names like the Moondogs, the Ding Dongs, and the Conquistadors!

In today's WWE, two men are thrown together and turn on each other in six months. Most don't have a team name, they wear whatever they want and it usually doesn't match, and the choreographed signature finisher is virtually non-existent.

Because of this, one of the greatest and most shocking storylines in wrestling is now unable to be utilized to any real degree because teams no longer stay together long enough to build a bond with each other and the fans to have that "shocking" moment when one member of the team turns on the other.

Sure it still happens, all the time actually, but who cares if Cody Rhodes turns on Bob Holly? They have only been a team for a short time. Big deal!

WWE, please! bring back the tag teams, make them wear matching trunks, and keep them together longer than two pay per views!