Fantasy Baseball: The Closer Report Power Ranking 5.22.2011

Todd Farino@truegurufarinoCorrespondent IMay 23, 2011

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - MAY 10:  Leo Nunez #46 of the Florida Marlins pitches during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Sun Life Stadium on May 10, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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Written By Todd Farino,

Every two weeks throughout the baseball season, The Closer Report will provide the Closer Report Power Rankings.

These power rankings are not based on a closer's legacy, name, or team. It's based on a formula that considers the pitchers historical stats, current stats, reliability, injury and more importantly, what the closer is doing recently.


Last Updated 5/22/2011
Rank   Closer - Stats (Saves-Wins-ERA-WHIP-K)

Leo Nunez, Marlins (17-0-2.66-1.18-24) (Prev. Rank: 4)
Nunez is having a a huge season and possibly a career year. He added six saves over the past two weeks. 

He did take a two-run loss, but in the six saves, no runs, only three hits and a walk.


Francisco Rodriguez, Mets (15-1-0.76-1.35-25) (Prev. Rank: 7)
We are watching vintage Francisco Rodriguez. He notched six more saves over the period as the Mets have been red hot. 

His ERA is the third lowest amongst closers, while his WHIP is still prettu high. 

He is just clutch right now.


Mariano Rivera, Yankees (13-1-1.80-0.90-16) (Prev. Rank: 1)
Rivera just amazes me. 

He blew his third save of the young season this week and still has a WHIPERA below 3.00 and his WHIP alone remains at 0.90.


Huston Street, Rockies (14-1-3.42-1.14-22) (Prev. Rank: 3)
While Street added three saves, got roughed up taking a loss and blowing a save. 

He is tied amongst closers in innings (23.2) and has been a bit overused.  Even his K/9 has fallen heavily over the past three weeks.


Craig Kimbrel, Braves (12-1-2.86-1.27-34) (Prev. Rank: 5)
Kimbrel had a solid two weeks adding four saves and blowing one. 

While Kimbrel has blown 25 percent of his chances, he leads closers in strikeouts by far and has a very good ERA at 2.86.

6 Brian Wilson, Giants (13-4-3.86-1.52-22) (Prev. Rank: 2)
Wilson added two more saves and two wins over the past two weeks. He did blow a save to earn one of those wins, but he now leads all closers in wins and that helps owners in roto leagues.

J.J. Putz, Diamondbacks (12-0-1.89-0.95-19) (Prev. Rank: 16)
Putz has been absolutely amazing in 2011. 

He added five more saves over two weeks and has incredible numbers for his renaissance season.

The best news for Putz, he is 100 percent healthy.


Drew Storen, Nationals (9-3-0.38-0.76-19) (Prev. Rank: 11)
Storen has been sick of late. 

He hasn't been adding saves at the pace like others have, but he added two more saves and a win. His WHIPERA is the lowest amongst closers at 1.14. 

That would be an outstanding ERA alone!


Joel Hanrahan, Pirates (13-0-1.66-1.26-16) (Prev. Rank: 9)
Another solid two weeks from Hanrahan. 

He recorded three saves for the week as the Pirates continue to win at a much better rate then most expected. He is without a doubt pitching like a closer and not getting lucky.


Jose Valverde, Detroit (11-2-2.70-1.20-20) (Prev. Rank: 12)
Valverde had a great two weeks, adding four saves. He did get hammered in the 10-1 loss to the Pirates, but he was otherwise great. 

The Tigers are hot and all they have to do is get the ball to Valverde.


Chris Perez, Indians (12-2-2.84-1.26-12) (Prev. Rank: 8)
The Indians might be slowing down, but it isn't Chris Perez's fault.  The young closer added two more saves and a win and lowered his ERA below 3.00. 

He is having an outstanding season.


Carlos Marmol, Cubs (9-1-1.29-1.00-27) (Prev. Rank: 6)
Marmol only notched one save over the last ranking period, but he did pitch 5.1 shutout innings and added eight strikeouts. 

Hopefully, the Cubs will give him more shots at saves or he is just being wasted.


Ryan Madson, Phillies (9-2-0.47-1.00-23) (Prev. Rank: NR)
Madson has come to form and has turned into the closer I thought he would be last year. His WHIPERA is 1.47 and already has nine save since taking over for Jose Contreras. 

I do not see him losing the job.


Heath Bell, Padres (9-2-1.13-1.00-12) (Prev. Rank: 10)
The Padres just cannot win and it's hurt Bell's value. 

He only added one save over the past two weeks and has nine on the season. He did add a win for his owners, but with on 16 innings pitched, he is underused.


Kyle Farnsworth, Rays (9-2-1.76-0.91-9) (Prev. Rank: 15)
The Rays are winning and Farnsworth is getting the saves. He added two saves this period, but started showing signs of weakness.

He gave up two runs in 3.2 innings of work. 


Francisco Cordero, Reds (8-3-1.77-0.98-13) (Prev. Rank: 17)
Cordero added two saves over 4.2 innings of work this ranking period. 

At 36, Cordero is proving that he still has the stuff to close. Batters are hitting .192 against him and with Chapman on the DL there is no one else to threaten him.


Fernando Salas, Cardinals (7-2-1.31-0.87-20) (Prev. Rank: NR)
Looks like the Cardinals found a closer in Salas. 

He has already saved seven games and batters are batting .181 against the hard throwing righty.  He opened the season with 19 2/3 scoreless innings before giving up a run Sunday.


Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox (8-2-2.29-1.07-27) (Prev. Rank: 19)
Papelbon got back on track with three saves, a win, and nine strikeouts over the last two weeks. 

He did blow his first save of the season as well, but he lowered his ERA 51 points and his K/9 is very impressive at 12.35.

19 Jordan Walden, Angels(8-0-2.95-1.31-22) (Prev. Rank: 18)
A tough two weeks for Walden.  He was 2/4 in save chances and is losing the confidence that Scioscia had in him.  Scott Downs could threaten him as closer if he doesn't start saving consistently.   

Sergio Santos, White Sox (6-2-1.69-1.08-25) (Prev. Rank: 20)
Before getting hammered on Sunday, Santos threw 20.2 scoreless innings while saves six games. 

Batters are only hitting .178 off of Santos had his K/9 is more then impressive at 10.55.


Brian Fuentes, Athletics (9-1-4.71-1.38-15) (Prev. Rank: 14)
Tough two weeks for Fuentes. He took three losses and leads closers with six losses. 

He is 9/11 in saves, but his inability to get consistent outs has the Athletics praying for a speedy return for Andrew Bailey.


Brandon League, Mariners (10-0-6.50-1.39-13) (Prev. Rank: 13)
Brutal two weeks for League. 

He blew three consecutive saves and seemed to be on the ropes until he closed out his 10th save of the season and his only save of the period. 

He ERA and WHIP ballooned, but I expect it to come down quickly.


Joakim Soria, Royals (7-3-4.08-1.30-12) (Prev. Rank: 20)
Times are still tough for Soria.

He added a save and a win this ranking period, but blew his second save of the season in order to get the win. With an ERA north of 4.00 and WHIP nearing "WAY HIGH," Soria owners can't be happy.


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