WWE Over the Limit 2011 Results: John Cena vs. the Miz Was a Terrible Feud

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2011

On the strength, or lack thereof, of yet another overbooked WWE Championship match between the Miz and Cena, it's safe to say that their feud failed to deliver as a championship-caliber struggle for the biggest prize in the company. 

With Cena going over the Miz for a third consecutive time at WWE Over the Limit and top heels Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth waiting in the wings, it can be easily be presumed that the Miz-Cena feud has concluded. 

The feud was defined by three singles matches that all saw overbooked finishes. 

The first match, at WrestleMania 27, was awful and immediately entered the conversation of being one of the worst WrestleMania main events of all time. 

Fan reaction, an integral part of every big time match, did not help Cena and Miz's WrestleMania main event. Fan enthusiasm for this match was curbed since they were all waiting for the Rock's inevitable interference.

The WrestleMania 27 guest host did not disappoint as he made his way down the ring to restart a match that had inexplicably ended in a double count out. Following a Miz win, the Rock laid waste to both Miz and Cena, doing no favors to the perception of WWE's two biggest stars.

Cena would eventually re-capture the WWE Championship for a tenth time in a three way steel cage match vs. John Morrison and the Miz, as yet another WWE Championship reign was representative of what has been a repetitive feud.    

The Miz-Cena follow up, a few weeks later, on the Rock's birthday, saw an improved in ring contest yet more overbooking. The Miz used the WWE Championship as a weapon to score a pinfall victory; however, referee Mike Chioda reversed the decision when he learned of Miz's cheating ways.  

The third and most recent match between Cena and Miz occurred earlier tonight at Over the Limit. In the "I Quit" match, Cena took a beating that Jim Caviezel would be impressed by.  

The beating was enough to get Cena to scream "I QUIT!" earning Miz his second WWE Championship reign.

Or was it?

In true Miz vs. Cena 2011 fashion, the decision was reversed and the match was restarted as Cena went on to once again defeat the Miz with the STF.

The feud was punctuated, not with an exclamation mark, but with a question mark as WWE chose to once again flip flop a decision in a championship match. 

The method behind the madness of overbooking the Miz-Cena matches is understandable - make your young star Miz look strong in defeat before his inevitable yet temporary drop into the upper mid card. 

However, in winning the WWE Championship only to have it stripped from his mitts on multiple occasions, Miz looks quite foolish as he has incessantly failed to effectively execute basic heel tactics. 

With Mike Chioda's reversals keeping Miz from regaining the WWE Championship, maybe Miz has a built-in feud with the longtime WWE referee going forward.


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