Impact and Impatience: What Were You Expecting from the First Episode?

troy smithContributor IIIMay 23, 2011

This past Thursday, we got to see the first episode of Impact Wrestling. (Formerly TNA Impact)

After reading comments and reviews of the episode, I'm left asking—what exactly did you expect from the first episode?

All that I have heard is people losing their minds talking about how "it's not different" or "same old crap." People, it's been ONE episode. Were you expecting it to turn into Ring Of Honor overnight? (Personally I hope it NEVER turns into ROH but congrats to ROH on their new TV deal)

If we were six or seven weeks into this new show, I wouldn't have any problems with the comments that I have heard. These things take time. They still have story lines to do. It is naive and somewhat ignorant to expect the show to have no promos and a 20-minute opening bout on the first show after a PPV. I am amazed at the stupidity and impatience that I've been hearing on this topic.

As for my personal thoughts on the show. I enjoyed it. Velvet Sky looked like a rock star for the whole show. I'm glad to see ODB back. I thought Anderson pulled off the 80s Sting look very well. Abyss winning the X-Division title was a good move too. Kaz doesn't need the belt and most of the other X-division guys are boring characters. Robbie E and Brian Kendrick are the only interesting ones in my opinion and seeing Kendrick try to take that title from Abyss will be fun to watch. In fact, the only thing that I didn't like was the GenMe vs. Hardy and Bischoff. GenMe are boring and it really doesn't help them to lose to Bischoff.

I like to ask questions in my articles so here goes:

What exactly were you expecting from the first episode of Impact Wrestling?

What are you expecting overall?