Ric Flair's Top 15 Opponents of All Time

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMay 23, 2011

Ric Flair's Top 15 Opponents of All Time

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    Ric Flair has met them all. Big, small, quick, fast. No one wrestler that has been in a match with the greatest world champion of all time can say it was easy or just "another" match, Flair did his part to make his matches the best of the night and the best of his opponent's career. This is a look of the Top 15 opponents in his career based on importance, consistency and value to the WWE and WCW.

Kerry Von Erich

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    Kerry challenged and defeated Flair at the David Von Erich Memorial Tournament following David Von Erich's untimely death.

    Kerry beat Flair with a backslide at Texas Stadium, much to the delight of the crowd and to honor his fallen brother.

Roddy Piper

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    Hot Rod was a friend and foe of the Nature Boy in the Mid-Atlantic region in the 1970s. When the two wrestlers did a promo, it may have been more exciting than the wrestling since you never knew what would come out of their mouths.

Ricky Morton

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    Flair once said working with Morton was like working with Steamboat. That is pretty high praise for a tag team specialist who challenged for the NWA World Title in the mid 1980s.

Lex Luger

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    Luger's physique was enough to scare anyone in the ring. The beast in the ring was put over by Flair and was made a superstar with his talent and athleticism.

Jack Brisco

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    Watching Flair and Brisco wrestle was a lesson in perfection and catch-as-catch-can mat style wrestling. Each was about the same size and had the same agility. If you saw these matches in the 1970s, you were treated to the purity of the sport.

Randy Savage

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    Savage and Flair had some great matches in WWE and WCW. Flair said Savage was constantly worried about finishes and making the match the best it could be, which in some cases hurt the overage competition between the two.

Nikita Koloff

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    He just looked mean. Flair and Koloff battled in the mid 1980s and Flair helped him get over as a superstar. Koloff held the United States Heavyweight Championship, but could never wrestle gold from Flair.

Hulk Hogan

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    It was the forbidden fruit everyone wanted to see. The measuring stick by which wrestling was defined in the 1980s, to see who was the best. When the two collided, it did not have the luster as everyone thought it would.

Dusty Rhodes

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    Rhodes was the NWA's lead hero against the lead heel. The three were dynamic in the ring and the Horsemen's interference in some of their matches were legendary.

The Undertaker

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    Flair may respect The Dead Man more than anyone on the roster. Their battles have been epic and The Undertaker has helped bring Flair's game back to prominence when they faced each other.

Harley Race

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    No one was tougher in the ring than Race. A flying headbutt or his pummeling style that wore opponents down made Flair respect the eight-time heavyweight champion.

Wahoo McDaniel

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    Flair credits Wahoo with helping him become a champion and tremendous wrestler. the battles between the two in the 1970s helped put the Mid-Atlantic territory on the map.

Shawn Michaels

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    Michaels said Flair is one of the reasons he got into wrestling and was instrumental in Flair's final match in the WWE. If there is a technician who can be compared to Flair, Michaels may be the one.


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    They helped put the Monday Night Wars on the map. Sting was hand picked by Flair to become the next great superstar in WCW. The Stinger did not disappoint and the two battled and brought the house down while exchanging the world championship title.

Ricky Steamboat

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    All they did was dance in the ring. They knew what the other was thinking. What they did for WCW and the NWA was capitalize on a great rivalry in the 1970s and early 1990s. When Flair compares his opponents, Steamboat is the gold standard.