Dallas falls flat again...

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Dallas falls flat again...
It was an ugly game from the start and never really got better. The Cowboys offensive line struggled with the Cards pass rush which made Tony Romo run for his life on several occasions. Romo seemed as if he couldn't keep his hands on the ball and almost acted as if the offense could flip a switch when they needed to and almost pulled it out. As usually our special teams coverage was horrible and should cost Bruce Read his job. Dallas will never make a serious playoff run with special teams play like it has been in the past three weeks.

The frustrating thing for Cowboys fans is that the offense scored 10 pts and tied things up in the blink of the eye. Only to just mess up again and lose it OT because they couldn't block the punt rush which resulted in the winning score for Arizona. Something has to snap Dallas out of this sleep walking season or it will be again a long off-season with a lot of questions.

A few suggestions.

Bench Corey Procter. He's over head as a starter and is the player other defenses focus on when game planning for the Cowboys.

Trade for Roy Williams before the deadline. We need a play maker to jump start this offense and a #1 pick will be well worth it.

Stop splitting the carries from all Barber then all Jones. Having them both touch the ball in the same drive makes much more sense

Fire Bruce Read now!!! Joe A. is available.

As always I'm interested in other ideas to get this team on the right track.

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