WWE over the Limit: a Preview and Predictions for Tonights PPV

Tom CuthbertsonContributor IMay 22, 2011

A look at what to expect from tonight's WWE PPV.


Over The Limit

A lot can change in a year. However, a lot can stay the same.

Last year, at the first Over The Limit event, Jack Swagger and Big Show put on a World Heavyweight Championship match that many people were uninterested in and considered a failure. This year, though, the rematch between Randy Orton and Christian is one of the most hotly anticipated.

On the other hand, John Cena once again defends his newly won WWE Championship in an "I Quit" main event match against the former champion. This year, The Miz challenges Cena for the title.

Let's take an in-depth look at this year's Over The Limit PPV event.


Watching Over The Limit

The PPV audience aren't the only people who will watch Over The Limit. There are always superstars that aren't lucky enough to make it onto the monthly PPVs.

The list this time around is quite bulky. Guys like Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston are not advertised for the show.

Look for at least one or two of these names to make it onto the show anyway, be it via outside interference, addressing the crowd or competing in an unscheduled matchup.


The Undercard

Tonight, Rey Mysterio faces off against R-Truth and his character's new attitude. Truth has been on a roll lately, so don't be surprised if he pins Mysterio cleanly tonight. This match may well help management decide whether or not to push Truth.

The Corre completes its implosion as Wade Barrett defends the Intercontinental Championship against Ezekiel Jackson. By winning the title, Jackson could restart his singles career with a major momentum boost. Plus, with the Smackdown main event still looking thin, Barrett could drop the title in order to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Two Mexican legends in Sin Cara and Chavo Guerrero clash tonight in a match that has a real chance of being "Match Of The Night." Since this is Chavos' first PPV appearance in a long time, and WWE seems keen on pushing Cara, look for him to win this one. The presence of Daniel Bryan may decide the outcome of this match.

Big Show and Kane defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against CM Punk and his New Nexus ally, Mason Ryan. Punk, Ryan and the New Nexus group could certainly benefit by winning the titles, but will tonight be the night Ryan finally breaks away from the New Nexus and becomes a star in his own right?

Jerry Lawler meets Michael Cole in a "Kiss My Foot" match, which is hopefully the last match of the feud. It makes sense to finally end the storyline with a Lawler victory. However, Cole could draw some major heel heat by beating Lawler and becoming a future Hall of Famer.

Brie Bella defends the Divas Championship tonight against Kelly Kelly. Will Kelly win her first ever championship in the WWE? Whatever the case, look for Kharma to appear tonight to further her storyline with Kelly.


WHC Redemption

Christian gets his rematch against Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Without a doubt, this is the match the IWC is emotionally invested in.

Don't rule out an appearance by Sheamus or Mark Henry (or both) during this match. Don't rule out a title switch either.

However, since Orton just won the belt and was booked to do so since the night he was drafted to SmackDown, look for the Viper to walk out with the title.


Quittin' Time

The likely main event of the evening is the "I Quit" match between WWE Champion John Cena and challenger The Miz.

On Raw, Miz claimed that he had a thousand different ways to beat Cena and become the new WWE Champion. He's going to need them to get the job done, because Cena is undefeated in "I Quit" contests.

Cena isn't going to verbally submit tonight—that would destroy the foundations of his character. However, one can never count out the Miz, who has beaten the odds his entire career.

If Miz does regain the WWE Championship tonight, look for it to be in some kind of screwjob finish. The more likely outcome, however, is Cena winning the match and moving on to a new challenge at the next PPV.


Three Things to Look For:

1. Look for interference to occur in at least one of the matchups tonight.

2. Look for Randy Orton and Christian to outdo their match on SmackDown.

3. Look for at least one title to change hands on the undercard.


Closing Thoughts

Tonight's card has received a degree of praise by the IWC, including some members of WrestlingRevealed. There's potential for a good show tonight, so make sure you join us for Over The Limit, live tonight in just a few hours!