Under The Influence: WWE Over The Limit 2011 Review

Tom CuthbertsonContributor IMay 23, 2011

How did Over The Limit fare as a PPV show?

The Results

The following are the results for the Over The Limit PPV:

*R-Truth def. Rey Mysterio

*Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson ended in a disqualification

*Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero

*WWE Tag Team Champions The Big Show and Kane def. The New Nexus (CM Punk and Mason Ryan)

*Divas Champion Brie Bella def. Kelly Kelly

*World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Christian

*Jerry Lawler def. Michael Cole in a "Kiss my Foot" match

*WWE Champion John Cena def. The Miz in an "I Quit" match

The Review

With five title matches on the show, it'll be surprising to some that no titles changed hands. That, coupled with a somewhat bland undercard, serves as an argument for Over The Limit being a throwaway PPV.

That's not to say the performances weren't good. Much of the talent worked hard to produce good matches. Unfortunately, they were—at best—just good, and nothing to remember.

The main events, however, changed that.

Both Orton/Christian and Cena/Miz put on above-average matches in the dual main events. Orton/Christian out-did their acclaimed Smackdown match, and Cena/Miz made the "I Quit" main event one to remember—brutal by today's WWE's standards.

The Ratings

Each match is rated out of 5. The overall PPV is then given a rating out of 10, along with a corresponding grade.

*Truth vs. Mysterio - 2.75

*Barrett vs. Jackson - 2.5

*Cara vs. Guerrero - 3.25

*Tag Team match - 2.25

*Bella vs. Kelly - 1.75

*Orton vs. Christian - 4.0

*Lawler vs. Cole - 1.25

*Cena vs. Miz - 4.5

Final Score - 7.25/10 - B

The Recommendation

Don't feel under pressure to watch the majority of this PPV. You won't be missing much. Make an effort to watch Orton/Christian and Cena/Miz though. Cena/Miz especially has a place in the top five matches this year (so far).