No heart

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

The short but bitter reason they lost this game comes down to one simple reason. They played with no heart. I was at the game, and right from the beginning I knew they were in trouble. When they came out and did the Haka there was no emotion after it. It should be something that fires you up, but they did it and then picked up their helmets and walked to the sideline like they just came out of church.

It was also apparent the offense was not clicking right from that first drive. If TCU’s d-backs could catch the ball Hall would have gotten picked five times instead of just two. The one good pass he had was when the game was no longer in doubt and he hit Collie near midfield.

This game was also poorly coached. It appeared that BYU was playing a prevent defense right from the beginning which allowed TCU to get some momentum and just keep on rolling. I know they have a bend and not break philosophy, but if you bend enough you will break, and once they broke last night, the floodgates opened. They almost never blitzed and if you give a quality team like TCU enough time they are going to make plays. It was also apparent that everytime their backup QB came in they were going to have a shotgun formation and run a quarterback draw, but not once did BYU stop it.

Give TCU all the credit in the world, they came out fired up and played a great game. They deserved to win that game. I would like to say that BYU just lost it, but I have to admit that TCU caused a lot of the troubles BYU was having. Their timing was off, they couldn’t run, and our defense got no pressure on the quarterback. The reason BYU lost can be seen from a picture I took right near the end of the game. Forgive the low quality I don’t have a professional camera.

No heart

No heart

If you can’t see exactly what I am saying, this shows the entire BYU team sitting down on the bench while the entire TCU team is standing on the sidelines cheering on their team. This was the feeling I had from the beginning. BYU didn’t want to be there, and it showed. I don’t know why they came out this way, but it is definitely something the coaches need to address.

Despite my sadness over the loss, especially at my daughter’s first college game ever, I have not completely given up hope. I know this team is better than that, and this can still be a memorable season. The BCS is almost totally out the window, but we have seen stranger things happen in college football. Bronco has always said conference championships come first, and there is still hope for that, but only if they find their hearts during this long week of preparation.