Roy Jones Jr. Video: Watch Denis Lebedev KO Jones' Career in Moscow

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2011

 At 42 years old, Roy Jones Jr. entered his fight last night against Russian Denis Lebedev in Moscow claiming he still had what it took to fight.

Judging by this video, a doctor might strongly disagree with any notion that he should ever step foot back into a boxing ring.

Lebedev didn’t come out fast and failed to make this a short fight early. While many felt like Jones was losing the fight, most also agreed that the only way he could sneak a victory was with a late-round knockout.

After 10 rounds of boxing, both men were feeling the fatigue and the pace was slowing. That was true, until Lebedev came out in the tenth round and started throwing a barrage of punches.

Lebedev dances with Jones, but lands a left that obviously stunned Jones. Lebedev lands a few more shots on Jones before Jones bends over at the waist.

While Jones Jr. is bent over at the waist, unconscious on his feet, Lebedev hauls off and lands a hard right hook to the unprotected head on Jones. He then drops limp to the canvas and looks very bad.

While I have never been a person to want more referee involvement in sporting events, I believe he should have stepped in sooner. The last shot was over the top and should have never been allowed to happen.

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