"Rowdy" Roddy Piper Tweets Reason Behind McMahon-Savage Conflict

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It's been well known that the late Randy Savage never got along with his former boss Vince McMahon after a spat which was kept secret, until today.

The former Intercontinental Champion "Rowdy" Roddy Piper tweeted earlier today the reason behind the fallout. Unsubstantiated rumors ranging from Randy Savage flirting with Vince McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, possibly while she was a minor, to actually having a relationship with her have made rounds (see Hulk Hogan's reaction to that rumor here) on the Internet for years. This obviously would not have sat well with the chairman, and this was rumoured to be why he left WWE and rarely mentioned in anything.

For the past year, however, Savage was making various promotional appearances on behalf of WWE, as well as featuring on the video game WWE All-Stars. Trying to hook up with a minor, namely a McMahon, would surely be a life time grudge, right?

If he did do the dirty deed, he wouldn't be making these appearances. Despite all of that, people still saw that this was why Savage had long gone been "erased," per se, from WWE history. Now, though, it makes sense.

Roddy Piper tweeted this during the early hours of the day:

"Randy slapped Vince in a bar...End of that story!!"

That was it. The whole dispute between Savage and VKM was all because Macho Man slapped his boss. For so long, the Slim Jim snapper had been forgotten simply because he slapped Vince. No memoirs, no references, no inclusions, no inductions, all because of one physical altercation.

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