New York Jets: Ranking the Most Important Wins in Jets History

No NameContributor IIIMay 21, 2011

New York Jets: Ranking the Most Important Wins in Jets History

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    Sure, the Jets have won only one Super Bowl in their history, and no, us Jets fans don't need any reminding of that.

    But even with all the championship-less years, Jets fans have had to put up with, we've also seen our fair share of thrilling victories and monumental games.

    As the current NFL lockout looms, let's take a second to look back on the most important victories in Jets' history.

5. January 15, 1983: Jets 17 Raiders 14

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    With only 3:45 left in a second-round playoff game against the No. 1 seeded Raiders, Scott Dierking scored the winning touchdown, sending the Jets to the AFC Championship Game against their divisional rival, the Miami Dolphins.

    Freeman McNeil rushed for over 100 yards, and Wesley Walker added a touchdown to the mix.

    Although the Jets lost to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship Game, this was a big moment for Gang Green and the closest the Jets would get to a second Super Bowl in the 80s.

4. December 29, 2002: Jets 42 Packers 17

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    The game itself wasn't very competitive, but there's no doubt that this thrilling Week 17 win for the Jets wasn't one of the most important in their history.

    Heading into the game, the Jets and their fans had pretty much come to the conclusion that they'd be missing out on the NFL Playoffs that year. But a late rally by New England to beat Miami in the early game of the day allowed the Jets to go from zero to hero, with a win over the Packers securing their sole possession over the AFC East.

    When news came over the video board at the Meadowlands midway into the first quarter, the stadium erupted and Chad Pennington led a furious rally to completely outplay Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

    Jets fans arrived at the stadium that day unsure of the playoffs but left with a divisional title. 

3. October 23, 2000: Jets 40 Dolphins 37

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    In what has been considered by many to be one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history, Vinny Testaverde and the New York Jets finally got the Miami Dolphins back for the 1994 "fake spike" game by leading a furious rally and scoring 23 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to tie the game and force overtime. In OT, the teams traded touchdowns before John Hall kicked away the winning field goal.

    Although the Jets failed to make the playoffs that year, this game's importance is undeniable.

    No one will ever forget Jumbo Elliot's face after catching "the cheeseburger in the end zone." 

2. January 16, 2011: Jets 28 Patriots 21

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    Still fresh in everyone's memory, the Jets' most recent playoff victory over the Pats in Foxborough was absolutely monumental, no doubt about it.

    It's still too early to tell, but Jets fans everywhere are hoping that this victory was a sign of things to come in the following years.

    Rex and his army of soldiers talked big trash, won smart and moved on.

    Even though the Jets fell short the following week in Pittsburgh, this win against New England will live on in Jets lore for years to come.

1. January 12, 1969: Jets 16 Colts 7

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    Did anyone have any doubt what No. 1 would be?

    The only Jets Super Bowl victory is easily the most important win in New York Jets' history.

    All Jets fans can hope for is another ring next season to overtake this spot.