WWE: Profiling Future Stars, Part 6: Former Ring of Honor Star Seth Rollins

Ryan FryeSenior Analyst IMay 21, 2011

Over the next month-and-a-half, I will be profiling Superstars from the WWE's Developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. This will not include guys who have been on WWE TV for an extended period of time, with the exception of WWE NXT.

These FCW Superstars have stood out from the rest of the pack, and many will become future WWE Superstars. You may have heard of many, but may not be familiar with others.

Today, I will be profiling a man who most of us have heard of. Many of us witnessed him in amazing matches and feuds in Ring of Honor.

Today, I profile a man whom the IWC is already marking out for. His name is Seth Rollins.

Rollins grew up in Buffalo, Iowa. He would debut in 2005, and flop around the independent scene for a couple of years. And then, he found Ring of Honor.

Okay, I know ROH is an independent promotion, but it was a step up for Rollins.

Then famously known as Tyler Black, he debuted alongside Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher and attacked the Briscoe Brothers.

This would spark Black's first ROH feud, and he would continue to ascend the tag team ranks. that was until, he challenged Nigel McGuinness (now Desmond Wolfe in TNA) for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

Although he was unsuccessful, this was the beginning of Black's singles push.

After having a bulging disk in his neck repaired, Black would win The Survival of the Fittest tournament, and would soon wrestle champion Austin Aires to a draw. 

Because of this, Jim Cornette ordered a rematch at ROH's Eighth Anniversary Show, where Black won the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship.

As a long-reigning champion, Black would eventually turn heel, as a result of signing a developmental contract with WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling.

In this new gimmick, he threatened he was going to take his championship with him to WWE and fought the label of a sellout. At Glory By Honor IX, Black made his last appearance for the company, dropping the title to Roderick Strong in the process.

After being offered to join TNA Wrestling, Black was convinced by former ROH Star and current WWE Superstar Evan Bourne to join WWE.

After debuting under the name Seth Rollins, he would soon win FCW's Jack Brisco and became FCW 15 Champion.

Rollins would also become FCW Tag Team Champion along with Richie Steamboat, before dropping the titles at FCW's recent TV tapings.

This is where we currently sit today.  So what are possible roles for Rollins in the WWE?

First off, he should skip NXT. That show would honestly make him look bad, as it has just become a big joke.

He could debut with Richie Steamboat as a tag team, but I believe Rollins should debut as a singles competitor.

As a singles competitor on Friday Night SmackDown, Rollins could make an instant impact. Just take a look at the lack of depth on its roster.

After Randy Orton and Christian, Sin Cara is about the only legitimate face on SmackDown's roster. Add that to the possibility of Orton or Christian possibly turning heel in their current feud. 

Or, Rollins could be the third heel, under Sheamus and Mark Henry.

Either way, Black could come in and win the Intercontinental Champion right off the bat. From there, Rollins would work his way up the card, because he has main event written all over him.

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