The Week in Wrestling: Re-Branding, Slamming and of Course the End of the World!

Ryan MartinContributor IIIMay 21, 2011

Ohhhh Yeaaaahhh
Ohhhh Yeaaaahhh

Since starting up my own business, I have found it difficult to find the time to post an article. Alas, I have decided it might be easier to post a weekly review of the week in wrestling.

Before I start, just before I began writing this article, the sad news broke the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage had died. Randy will be sadly missed and he truly was a massive star and draw for the industry. Without 'Macho,' Hulk Hogan would, in my opinion, not be as big as he is today!

Thankfully when I logged onto WWE.COM there was a tribute page for Savage, I just hope they reflect on his passing during some of their programming.

So R.I.P. Randy Savage...Gone but not forgotten.

So the week began, not with Raw but with the news that former WCW/WWE superstar Bill Goldberg rejected the offer of joining iMPACT Wrestling (TNA) because he felt that they 'sucked.' No real big issue I never expected Goldberg to return to wrestling and especially not in TNA.

However the approach in signing him just yet again points to the fact that TNA seem to be looking for old draws as opposed to pushing new talent. WCW v.2.0.

It was also on Monday that news reached Ireland (at least) that the world was due to end on Saturday. That's today and no it hasn't ended.

Like true Irishmen, we rushed to the pub and demanded free drink, no drinks were given out free and for many it was the end of the night and not the world. 

My theory is that Macho Man had a word with JC and told him that he was in for an Elbow drop if he thought about calling and end to the world before Wrestlemania 28. 

I am conscience that my article is beginning to be a bit like TNA, all talk and no wrestling, so with that in mind we move onto Raw.

So, MNR began with Justin Roberts introducing Jjjjjjjoooooohhnnnn Ceeeeeennnnnnaaaaaaa. Cena seemingly just wanted to come out and eat up some air time to sell a few red t-shirts. Mid way through Alex Riley shows up, why he wasn't drafted to Smackdown I will never know! 

The segment ends with Cena rather loudly saying, "I Quit." We have seen this before creative and something tells me we will see it again at Over The Limit!

CM Punk v. Kofi Kingston was next and it must be strange for Punk going from last match of the evening to first. Needless to say, this was no classic or even exciting in any vague form.

Kharma came out again to do some slamming and even though shes taken out half the diva's she still hasn't found herself booked into a match either on MNR or a PPV. There was also a match between everyone's favorite underdog, Rey Mysterio, and Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio seemed like he was destined for great things within WWE but now he is tasked with jobbing to Mysterio!

The main event and tag team matches also left a sour taste in my mouth. Mainly because they were very poor and uneventful but also because the whole episode of Raw made me question whether or not Smackdown was better!?

So now we move to Thursday night and the debut of iMPACT Wrestling. There is a popular theory that we are most likely to fail when we over-apply ourselves to something. Sometimes thinking too much or doing something too much can actually make us worse.

This theory probably found its roots in TNA. Since Vince decided that WWE was no longer, World WRESTLING Entertainment, a lot of people suggested that TNA should capitalize. 

With that in mind, how did iMPACT Wrestling debut? Oh yes, 15 minutes of Immortal talking trash, brother! It is awful nice of TNA to let the old folks get a tour of the ring before the action starts! Then chaos descended as Fortune and the X-Division athletes led by Brian Kendrick invaded the ramp. 

After seven minutes of stupid, pointless brawling, order was restored. In another shot at bringing the fans wrestling, TNA also set about burying the X-Division, per request of Eric Bischoff.

A good way to promote wresting is to get two wrestlers in the ring and let them go at it. A TNA solution is to mug Mr.Miagi of his karate suit and send Bischoff to the ring to pick up the win.

Want to know why unemployment is so high? Because Tommy Dreamer is doing all the jobbing. I have never like Tommy Dreamer, mainly because he can't wrestle, but also the fact that I just do not like him!

AJ Styles was on the end of another pile-driver by Dreamer whilst wearing a neck brace, but it seems that TNA have a fantastic backstage doctor as it was announced AJ will be competing next week!

The more I see Mr. Anderson, the more I think WWE dropped the ball with him. His promo dressed as the old Sting (Uncanny) was excellent and he knows how to work it in the ring and on the mic.

Needless to say, though, if Sting is still champ after the next PPV then the young guys can forget about getting some limelight.

On another note, the production team at TNA must have been playing a lot of Smackdown: Just Bring It! on the PS One as all the new graphics for iMPACT Wrestling appear to be grabbed straight from it.

On the topic of Smackdown. Another solid episode with Christian and Sheamus putting on a great first match. Orton decided to do a sort of Glee-like star jump after hitting an RKO against Mark Henry, but apart from that, it was a great show!

Alas, the End.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.