LSU-USC Gamecocks: Will the Tigers Respond to Their Wake-Up Call?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 18, 2008

Last year, LSU beat the South Carolina Gamecocks by a 28-16 margin on Sept. 22. The signature play of that game was a faked field goal attempt that started with Matt Flynn pitching the ball over his shoulder (look Mom, no eyes) and ended with Colt David sprinting into the end zone (below).

The Ol’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, is known for his trickery, and today should be no different, unless LSU beats him to the trick plays first like it did last year. LSU is coming off of a disheartening, 51-31 loss at the hands of Florida. Ironically, the last time that they got beat so bad was by Florida, who was then coached by none other than Steve Spurrier.

This is LSU’s fourth SEC game in a row (they have played against Mississippi State, Auburn, and Florida though not exactly in that order). The Tigers need a win, or, rather, they have to win today if they want to continue their pursuit of an appearance in the BCS national championship game. Florida and Georgia, both heavily picked to play in the game, each have one loss, but it's going to be hard to beat them again, so LSU better not lose again, either.

It is possible that the Tigers believed that they could win last week’s game without trying that hard; if that was the case, then hopefully that game was a wake-up call. The Gamecocks have lost two games so far this season and, while we don’t wish a loss on them, we certainly want our Tigers to win tonight.