Who's Next: A Look at the Possible West Ham Candidates

Tony White@@ant_twContributor IIMay 20, 2011

Who's Next: A Look at the Possible West Ham Candidates

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    Alex McLeish, of Birmingham, is the latest name to be tossed in the ring.Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

    Well, 2010/11 was a major blow out as far as us West Ham United fans are concerned. After 37 games, the Davids finally saw sense and sacked Grant for a less-than-mediocre performance, leaving the club to rue the day they ever clapped eyes upon a resume that included "Champions League runner-up."

    Now begins the fun part—well, fun for the media at least.

    Who goes (bless you, Parker), who comes in and who will lead the helm. The problem with the manager lies in the known fact that the Davids and Brady are very media friendly, often at the detriment of the manager, which Grant found out first hand.

    With that in mind, let's see who the news outlets have as being crazy enough to want the job.

Honourary Mention...*cough*

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    The infamous umbrella, thankfully, will not be gracing the Boleyn anytime soonAlex Livesey/Getty Images

    From achieving mid-table success with Middlesbrough, to missing out on Euro qualification with England before finding dominance with FC Twente and getting booted from Wolfsburg, McClaren has traveled far and wide, finding mixed fortune. 

    The man has talent as a manager, taking a hard-working side and pushing them beyond their limits. However, he found that he could not control a dressing room full of overpaid egos.

    Despite my caption, McClaren could have done a job at West Ham; however, he has removed himself from speculation and from my list. So, no more about the wolly with a brolly.  

9/4: Chris Hughton

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    Both had promise, both got sacked...who would be a premier league manag...They Get Paid How Much?!Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

    The odds next to the name represents the odds given by William Hill and are accurate as of 16 May.

    A former Hammer, Hughton has proven himself to be a very capable Championship manager and an adept Premier League boss who was not given enough time to fully prove his abilities. I would welcome Hughton as a man who knows what he is doing and has an eye for developing young talent and supplementing it with hard workers of a high standard.

    A possible downside comes from his dismissal. Newcastle were doing well in their return season, before Hughton was shown the door. I will not make any suggestions as to why, seeing as I don't fully understand this. More than likely, it will show up should Hughton make it to the interview stage.

6/1: Martin O'Neill

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    Wrong team, right coloursWarren Little/Getty Images

    The overwhelming favourite among West Ham fans for his proven track record with Aston Villa and his time spent managing Celtic, and maybe Leicester, O'Neill has long been linked with the job and has always seemed a step out of reach every time.

    Let's be realistic with this one. O'Neill will not come to West Ham so long as his private life and his dealings will be publicly scrutinized by Brady in her The S***e column. He would want the time to build the team with his people, a situation that the Davids will not allow him.

    Here's to wishing in one hand...  

8/1: Kevin Keen

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    Can caretaker managers bring success?Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

    I don't have much to say on this one. Let's wait and see what he does on Sunday, as he has said that he won't be playing those who are leaving in the summer.

10/1: Neil Warnock, Gus Poyet, Malky Mackay, Sam Allardyce

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    Future reference, guys, let's not do it the hard way this time.Ian Walton/Getty Images

    Just a few statements about these options, as a couple are not really noteworthy.

    Neil Warnock - Better the devil you know? Will he leave QPR?

    Gus Poyet - Doesn't fill me with confidence, and I don't think he could get the players going. Another Grant.

    Malky Mackay - Just signed a three-and-a-half year extension at Watford.

    Sam Allardyce - Harry Redknapp, without the charisma and not as good wheel-and-deal skills.

12/1: Slaven Bilic

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    If only...Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

    Bilic spent one season in the Claret and Blue, making 48 appearances and scoring two goals (an OK return for midfielder), yet he is the man that a fair few fans want in the dugout. 

    With Croatia, he had a return of 35 wins and 5 losses from 51 games as manager that included two wins over England under McClaren.  This is not his only managerial experience. He managed 17 games for Hajduk Split in the Croatian league, taking home 11 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses during his tenure.

    Can he step up to the rigours of 43 games in the Championship? 

Odds Unknown: Alex McLeish

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    We have to go back...to the future. "Less of the pop culture references."Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

    Alex McLeish has been reported as being on the edge at Birmingham and willing to walk away even if they stay up due to the minuscule transfer budget he would have to fund by selling some top players. 

    McLeish is a solid bet who can do a job with the right time and the right amount of money, though this current season reeks of a Grant wannabe with his Carling Cup glory and League mediocrity. Is he worth a chance? 

The Future's...

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    I'm forever blowing bubbles...Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

    You have my tuppence worth, now fill those comments up with who you want, no matter how farfetched. Thank you for reading!