NBA Draft 2011: Jimmer Fredette No. 1 Overall Pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Ryan KennedyAnalyst IIMay 21, 2011

NEW ORLEANS, LA - MARCH 24:  Jimmer Fredette #32 of the Brigham Young Cougars drives past Kenny Boynton #1 of the Florida Gators during the Southeast regional of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at New Orleans Arena on March 24, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jimmer Fredette, college basketball's answer to Tim Tebow will undoubtedly go No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers this June.

Fredette lit up BYU and the NCAA tournament the past two years like something we seldom see. A man gifted with a long range shot and a gunslinger's arm that only Brett Farve and John Madden could love, took the nation and our heart by storm.

Fredette has all the qualities we want in our sports stars in the new millenium, he is non- threatening, baby-faced and isn't perfect. Who wants the days when your favorite players were athletic freaks like Michale Jordan and Bo Jackson? Let's watch a basketball game full of guys who look like they belong in the early 1950s NBA.

Tim Tebow and Jimmer Fredette have a lot more in common than just being virgins. Both have been named All-Americans, were undisputed team leaders and no one knows exactly how they will perform at the next level.

Both Fredette and Tebow have tons of things that make you wonder if they will ever be a complete player, but I think the Cavaliers should ignore the doubts in the back of their minds and go for it. Give in to Jimmer Fever.

Think about how the team and city has come together since LeBron James left. Is there just anyone who can fill that void? I say no. Is Kyrie Irving going to do that with a bunch of scrubs surrounding him? No, no Duke player ever does. Who can put on a one-man show, play with a bunch of no-names and beat elite talent by chucking up bombs from 35 feet. Only Jimmer Fredette, that's who.

And for those of you who doubt this man's prowess, think about this. When teams figure out that they are going five on one on most possessions, Jimmer did that for most of the NCAA tournament last year, and he beat four teams that way. No way he can't beat the Raptors. That's a guaranteed three wins a season. Guaranteed!

I beg of the Cavaliers, don't make a grave mistake the lottery won't be so nice to you next year. Take Jimmer Fredette No. 1 overall, the Mormons have your back.