TNA: Is Eric Young a Credible Threat to the Television Championship?

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 23, 2011

EY & OJ at Lockdown 2011
EY & OJ at Lockdown 2011

I know the answer to this question and it is yes.

EY can become a credible threat to the TV title if he turns heel, but that’s not what I mean.

Two weeks ago on iMPACT!, Eric Young eliminated TV Champion Gunner and claimed he had won the championship. Young took Gunner’s belt and ran away with it.

This past week, Gunner was searching for EY and his belt. When he found Eric, he beat him down but didn’t find his title so he took the old, now defunct, TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Eric Young didn’t get mad at the beat down he had received but thought it was a good idea to keep the old World title and TV title separate so one person doesn’t take them both. Obviously, just playing his character.

Now Gunner has the old World title and Eric still has the TV title in his possession. This feud is not over and I expect to see the next chapter between these two next week.

Can Eric Young be taken seriously and help carry this feud with the fairly new Gunner? Gunner is still a bit green and hasn’t had many feuds in Impact! Wrestling. Eric Young, on the other hand, is more experienced.

Can Eric Young carry this feud?

The past several months, we’ve seen EY doing random backstage stints with Orlando Jordan, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle, Fortune, Immortal and two white horses. Can Eric be taken seriously anymore?

He believes himself to be the World Champion. He mistook a tag team match for a battle royal and tossed out not only the opposing tag team but his own partner and referee as well.

EY is the lovable funny man in TNA.

He is what Santino Marella is to WWE: a comedy act.

This would be Gunner’s first feud over the TV title and it is with Eric Young. That’s like having Santino Marella challenge for a mid-card championship.

I have no problem with EY and think he has been very entertaining (I loved the horse bit with Kurt Angle) in recent months. Every time he’s on TV, it’s like comedy gold.

The problem with this feud is I feel like Gunner is being wasted. He has some serious potential and can be a big star in TNA. There are several other challengers I feel should have a chance at the TV title instead of Eric Young, such as The Pope, Hernandez, Rob Terry, Kazarian, Murphy and a few others.

I see Gunner’s first TV title feud being used as a comedy act. I hope I’m proven wrong.


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