Diary Of A Mad Grizz Fan Part Two.

Chip CrainCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

For those catching up: Part One

I head to Midtown to do some shopping in Cooper-Young and have a cup of coffee. You've gotta love Cooper-Young. Skaters wearing socks on their arms, and all the counterculture you could ask for. George Carlin would be proud. Talking sports here would surely be fun. I hadn't had any real lunch yet, just a few brews so I stop at Celtic Crossing to have this gouda cheeseburger. Try it, you'll love it.

That was my George Lapides shameless promotion moment.

The servers are Celtic and the friendliest around, so it is easy to get a conversation started up with them. I turned the conversation to sports and we began talking about how my Cowboys picked up Roy Williams and what that would do for our offense. I then said "Well I'm actually a basketball man myself, and I can't wait for the season to start. I love my Mavs, but Im a Grizz fan first."

Dude laughed. LAUGHED.

Then silence.

Like I had just told a big Jesus joke in Bethlehem.

He thought he had hurt my feelings so he said, "Uh, I don't really think theyre going to be that good this year, but man good for you if you can support a team that doesnt win a lot."


I just smiled and said, "Well thats what being a fan is all about...Hell, I was a Mavs fan back in the days of Ced Ceballos and Reunion Arena, so I can tolerate grisly Grizzlies."

I asked him if he had ever been to a game and he said he had not.

"They'd just lose," he said. "It'd be a waste of money."

Yikes. Why do so many in the city feel this way? A sporting event is a sporting event! It's fun to cheer and get into the game, and if you lose, so what?? You screamed, you drank some beer, you high-fived when they tried to make a comeback, you had fun! A waste of money, no sir.

We alternated the conversation back and forth from basketball to football, to music. Now there is something I can talk about for hours.

I inhaled my cheeseburger and decided to head to East Memphis. Ah, the "elite" of Memphis. The people who buy the season tickets and would at least go to the game for the social aspect, right? We shall see...in a few days time.